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Seven Facts About Trucker Tools’ Real-Time Load Tracking

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real time load tracking

If you want to keep pace with your competitors as a freight broker or logistics provider, you must offer your customers the option of real-time, digital visibility of their freight while it’s in transit. No longer an optional service, real-time load tracking has become a core service offering, but not all tracking technologies offer the same benefits and functionality. Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility software provides a sky-high return on investment, equipping you with the technology needed to achieve high visibility compliance, elevate the level of service you provide to shippers and operate with greater efficiency. 

Check out these seven facts about Trucker Tools’ real-time load tracking software and how it can keep you head and shoulders above the competition

1. Integrates with Your TMS

Trucker Tools’ real-time load tracking software platform integrates with 100+ different commercial and proprietary TMS platforms. What that means for you as a freight broker is that you can view Trucker Tools’ real-time tracking data right in your TMS without opening a new program or browser. Quick and easy access to real-time tracking data makes you more productive and efficient.

2. Also Integrates with MacroPoint, Project44 and FourKites

Our engineers have designed our load tracking platform to integrate with the visibility software that many shippers use, including MacroPoint, Project44 and FourKites. This integration capability allows you to automatically share real-time load tracking data with shipper customers without ever picking up the phone or tracking a load manually with check calls and an Excel spreadsheet. The result is that your shippers can access accurate ETAs and freight visibility data in real-time.

3. Uses GPS Technology for Accuracy

Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform leverages the GPS technology in the driver’s phone and our free driver app to provide you with location updates every five to 15 minutes, depending on your needs. The GPS tech in smartphones provides accuracy within a 16-foot radius. Thanks to the accuracy of GPS tech, you can trust that the location updates that you receive via our load tracking platform are precise.

4. Reduces Check Calls

Most freight brokerages and logistics providers that implement Trucker Tools’ load tracking technology are able to reduce or eliminate manual check calls to drivers or dispatchers. Check call reduction typically translates into higher operational efficiency and lower costs per load. It also can benefit your carrier partners by reducing the number of check calls their drivers and/or dispatchers have to answer.

5. Option for App or ELD-Based Load Tracking

In addition to Trucker Tools free driver app, you can offer carriers and drivers the option of using an ELD for load tracking purposes. Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform integrates with 89 different ELDs and that list continues to grow. When a load is tracked with the driver’s ELD, you can view the real-time location of the load and truck in your TMS just as you would a load that is tracked with the driver app.

6. Provides Transparency to Drivers

Drivers are protective of their privacy and some have had some negative experiences with load tracking tech, which is why we’ve designed our free driver app to provide complete tracking transparency to drivers. The driver must accept the load track request before the Trucker Tools app can start sharing GPS location data. The driver can clearly see who is receiving the load tracking data during the track. Drivers also can pause or cancel load tracks right from the app. 

7. Carrier-Friendly App Boosts Visibility, Service Levels

If you’ve tried digital load tracking software platforms or apps in the past, your biggest challenge likely was getting drivers to use the technology. Most visibility apps are made only to track loads for brokers and can’t be used multiple times by drivers. Trucker Tools’ driver app is designed to do more than just track a single load. The app includes 17 other tools and features that save drivers time and money. They can use the app to find the cheapest fuel, parking, backhauls, truck stops, food, rest areas and more. Drivers can use the app to track loads with multiple brokers, which means they are more likely to keep the app on their phones. As a result of the app’s value, brokers who implement our load tracking software platform and companion driver app often are able to increase visibility compliance substantially, thereby raising shipper service levels.

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