May 9, 2023 | TruckerTools

Employee Spotlight: Alex Matheson, Software Engineer for Trucker Tools

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Employee Spotlight

In this ongoing Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing you to the talented folks working here at Trucker Tools. This newest Employee Spotlight blog is dedicated to Alex Matheson, who joined the Trucker Tools team last month as a software engineer. Alex is a Southern California native who primarily works on Trucker Tools’ free driver mobile app that connects drivers and carriers with freight brokers. When Alex isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two-year old son. Alex is an avid runner, hiker and backpacker who aspires to complete an ultra-marathon in the not so distant future. 

Say hello to Alex Matheson, Trucker Tools’ Software Engineer!

Name: Alex Matheson
Title: Software Engineer
Originally From: Southern California
Current Location: Bentonville, Ark.
First Concert: Blink 182
Favorite Pastimes: Running, hiking, backpacking, snorkeling
Favorite Vacation Destination: Hawaii

Alex’s Work at Trucker Tools

“I develop the mobile app that we have for carriers that enables the tracking and matching technology for the company,” Alex explained. “Without the app, we wouldn’t be able to track and match as many loads as we do. Our platform does integrate with ELDs, but the app is one of the core features because that’s where we get the data for brokers.”

Before Trucker Tools

“Before I came to Trucker Tools, I worked at Walmart on the receiving side, so a little bit in transportation but not so much,” Alex said. “What really got me interested in Trucker Tools was that I have two uncles who are brokers and my mom has worked for my uncle twice now. She has had good experiences working in transportation and so it’s been cool to see things from a different perspective from what she and my uncles do. It’s kind of a cool overlap to be able to take my skillset and also apply it to something that’s part of my family.”

What Alex Enjoys About His Work

“I’ve really enjoyed working at Trucker Tools,” Alex said. “The people here are great. The company has a good vision and is moving in a good direction. Everyone here cares about the product and it’s all about building the best tools.”

Alex’s Life Outside of Work

“I do a lot of running and I’m always just trying to get out there and run,” said Alex. “I also love hiking and backpacking. I ran a marathon back in December and then it got cold for about two months and I didn’t run as much. I’ve started to pick it back up now the weather is nice again and have been training a bunch recently. I’m trying to find a good race that fits my schedule. Most of my spare time is spent either working, running or hiking, or spending time with my wife and our two year old son, who keeps us busy. My wife and I went to Hawaii last year and that was probably one of my favorite vacations. I did a lot of snorkeling while there, which was awesome.”

Alex’s Heroes/Mentors

“I don’t think I have one single mentor that I’ve looked up to, but I definitely have had many good influences in my life,” Alex shared. “In particular, my parents and some of the people I’ve worked with in previous jobs have influenced me, but I think a lot of my life has been about trying to pave my own path.”

What’s on Alex’s Bucket List

“An ultra-marathon, which is a race of 30 miles or longer, is definitely on the list and hopefully I’ll do one in the near future,” Alex said. “I want to do a 100 mile backpacking trip, too, and a backpacking trip outside of the United States. I haven’t done that yet. I’ve done two backpacking trips in Yosemite National Park in California and a few overnighters in the Ozarks so far. Growing up, I was an Eagle Scout and that’s what got me into backpacking, I would say.”

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