October 11, 2022 | TruckerTools

Employee Spotlight: Trucker Tools’ Mid-Market Sales Manager, Chuck Tantillo

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In this ongoing Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re introducing you to the people who work here at Trucker Tools, including folks on our sales, marketing, engineering and executive teams. This newest Employee Spotlight blog is all about Kansas native and new dad Chuck Tantillo, Trucker Tools’ Mid-Market Sales Manager. Chuck wears two hats in his work here at Trucker Tools. He oversees our outbound sales team and also is an individual contributor to the sales team who specializes in working with smaller, growing brokerages.  

Say hello to Chuck Tantillo, Trucker Tools’ Mid-Market Sales Manager.

Name: Chuck Tantillo

What Chuck Does at Trucker Tools

“I’m in a player/coach role,” Chuck said. “I’m an individual contributor to the sales team, which means I work with new, smaller and growing brokerages as they become customers for Trucker Tools. At the same time, I manage our sales development representatives to drive our outbound sales activity.” 

B.T.T. (Before Trucker Tools)

“For my first job out of college, I got hired by a moving company to be an operations manager,” Chuck shared. “On my first day, the owner of the company said, ‘No, you should be in sales’ and put me in sales. I’ve been there ever since. I worked in freight brokerage and fleet management software before I came to Trucker Tools.”

What Attracted Chuck to Trucker Tools

“There were several things that drew me to Trucker Tools,” Chuck said. “The technology Trucker Tools works with and the customer base really aligned with my background.”

What Chuck Enjoys About Working at Trucker Tools

“I love the opportunity to help brokerages grow,” Chuck explained. “Over the last year, I’ve really enjoyed watching brokers that I signed up when I first came on board growing and then increasing their subscription packages. That tells me that we’re helping them succeed.” 

Chuck’s Life Outside of Work

“I used to have a lot of really cool hobbies that I could talk about, but about eight months ago me and my wife had a baby,” Chuck said. “So now that’s my first, second, third and fourth hobby.” 

Chuck’s Mentor: Chuck Tantillo II (His Grandfather)

“I would say my grandfather, Chuck II,” Chuck shared. “He was the greatest salesman and entrepreneur I’ve ever known. He started out with very little but ended his career as the owner of several successful businesses and made a great life for his family. Usually when I’m wondering what to do next in life, I ask myself, ‘What would grandpa say?’”

Chuck’s First Concert

“My first concert was Kid Rock when I was maybe 13 or so,” said Chuck. “Me and my brother convinced my dad that Kid Rock’s name meant his music was kid-friendly rock. If you know anything about Kid Rock’s music, you know it’s not exactly G-rated, but we got away with it!”

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