June 9, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Five Reasons To Implement Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity Before Your Next TMS Update

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You may be planning to hold off implementing Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity until after your next transportation management system update, but now is the time to add our Smart Capacity platform to your operations. Implementing Smart Capacity immediately lets you tap into Trucker Tools’ massive owner operator and carrier network, increase efficiency and gross margins, and move more loads without increasing the size of your team. When your TMS update does occur, Trucker Tools’ dedicated teams will work behind the scenes to ensure that your updated TMS and Smart Capacity continue to “talk” to each other without interrupting your operations.

Check out these five reasons to add Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity prior to your next TMS update!

1. Nearly 2 Million Drivers and 250,000 Carriers in Trucker Tools’ Network

To date, Trucker Tools’ free driver app has been downloaded nearly 2 million times and is the industry’s number one downloaded app. In addition to our driver app, we also provide a free, web-based carrier software platform that’s used by 250,000 carriers. When you implement Smart Capacity, you instantly gain access to our nearly 2 million driver-strong and 250,000 carrier-strong network — which is something you don’t want to delay! With Trucker Tools’ massive network, you can cover loads faster and raise your shipper service levels immediately.

2. Start Growing Your Profits Today

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity is the pipeline that connects freight brokerages and logistics companies like yours with the owner operators and carriers using our technology. With Smart Capacity, you can digitize your communications with carriers, source capacity faster, track loads in real time, and automate rate confirmations and bookings. The result is that your team is more productive and your operations are more efficient. Greater efficiency reduces your cost per load, frees up time for your current team to move more loads and can be instrumental to increasing your gross margins.

3. Trucker Tools’ Dedicated Team Does the Heavy Lifting During Upgrades

Trucker Tools maintains integration partnerships with the most popular TMSs in the industry. Our technology team works directly with the TMS manufacturer to bring the functions and features of Smart Capacity directly to your TMS. Once you’ve implemented Smart Capacity, Trucker Tools’ technology, partnerships, and onboarding and implementation teams will work behind the scenes to make sure your newly updated TMS continues to integrate properly with Smart Capacity. There is no additional fee for the support provided by our team when you upgrade your TMS.

4. Integration with 80+ ELDs

In addition to our massive capacity network and long list of TMS integration partners, we’ve also been working hard to integrate Smart Capacity with the most popular ELDs in the industry. Smart Capacity currently integrates with 81 different ELDs and we’re adding new ELD partners all the time. If you use Smart Capacity’s automated load tracking, you can offer carriers and drivers two different choices for load tracking: tracking with the Trucker Tools app or with the driver’s ELD. Being able to offer drivers and carriers choices when it comes to load tracking can help strengthen relationships with both.

5. Build Your Network and Grow Margins with Book-It-Now®

Book-It-Now® is a tool within Smart Capacity that allows your company to offer in-app and web-based load booking on specific loads and to specific carriers. When a carrier books one of your Book-It-Now® loads, it’s automatically scheduled in your TMS. Implementing Smart Capacity now instead of waiting until after your TMS update lets your team take advantage of Book-It-Now®’s automation and time-savings immediately. You can offer Book-It-Now® to high-performing carriers to entice them to stay in your network. Book-It-Now® also boosts efficiency, providing you and your carriers with the opportunity to move more volume and increase margins.

Read “Avoid Death by Excel: How Trucker Tools Can Automate Broker and 3PL Operations of All Sizes.” Schedule a free demo of Smart Capacity.

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