September 28, 2021 | TruckerTools

Five Ways Trucker Tools’ Customer Support Team Can Help You Grow and Build a More Efficient Business

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All of us at Trucker Tools recognize that our success as a company depends on the success of our customers. It’s why our robust support services center on seeing your freight brokerage or logistics company succeed and grow not just in the near-term, but for the foreseeable future. At Trucker Tools, we see ourselves as your partner, not just a technology vendor. Trucker Tools’ Onboarding & Implementation, Customer Success and Custom Support teams together provide you with the assistance needed to not only maximize the return on your technology investment, but to make your business more efficient and to help it grow. 

Here are five ways that Trucker Tools’ customer support team can help you grow and build a more efficient business.

1. Unlimited Free Training

When you become a customer of Trucker Tools, our Onboarding and Implementation team works on integrating the Trucker Tools platform with your transportation management system to maximize efficiency in your operations. Once your TMS integration is completed, you’re placed in the capable hands of our customer success team, which provides you with unlimited free training. Our training coordinator provides as many training sessions as you and your team need. You can receive training in groups or one-on-one training. We’ll even provide free, unlimited follow-up training and training to new hires. All training is provided virtually. Trucker Tools’ training coordinator trains your team on each component of the Trucker Tools’ platform, including digital freight matching, real-time visibility and Book It Now®.

2. Unlimited Free Support

It’s important to know that there’s a real person behind every response you receive from Trucker Tools’ support team. After initial training is complete, you’re assigned a customer success manager (CSM) who is your point person for any questions and concerns. Your customer success manager will establish a regular cadence of check-ins with you to ensure that you’re getting everything you need from our platform and for support. The frequency of these check-ins depends on your needs and your check-ins with your CSM are unlimited. Check-ins with your CSM provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, get answers and to learn about any new features that are added to the Trucker Tools’ platform. You also receive unlimited free support from our customer support team. You can submit questions and concerns to our customer support team via email or phone, or through our digital platform.

3. Fast Response Times

With other technology companies, you may have to send 10 emails to their support teams before you actually get a response. When you call most tech support lines, you also may find yourself in a phone tree maze in which it takes a long time to get to a human being. At Trucker Tools, we recognize that getting an answer to your question quickly is important to your business. That’s why our goal is to answer your email support questions within 15 minutes of receiving them. Our customer support team also is available to you 24 hours/day and seven days/week by phone. If you call our customer support line, we always pick up the phone and you’ll speak to a real person. You won’t receive pre-recorded responses. You also won’t be routed through a lengthy phone tree before getting a live person. When you need help, we’re there. 

4. Free Customizations and Continuous Improvements

Our customer support team will work with you to come up with out of the box solutions. If, for example, you’re looking to create a new internal process, a custom report or need us to customize our platform to meet a new need, we will create that customization for you for free. Most technology providers in the industry charge for these customizations — Trucker Tools does not. We’re also always making improvements to both our platform and to our TMS integrations. We ask for your feedback on a regular basis to find out how we can make our technology better and meet your needs as they change. Our customer support team continually works with you to help you meet your goals, whether it’s increasing load tracking compliance or reducing the time it takes for your team to cover a load.

5. Best Practices

You’ll hear us reference best practices a lot when you sign on as a customer with Trucker Tools. We’ll provide examples of best practices and discuss them in training, and your CSM likely will talk to you about best practices in your check-ins. Our best practices are based on the testimonials, feedback and successes of other freight brokers and 3PLs who use Trucker Tools’ platform. We provide you with best practices to help you get the most from our platform. You may want to think about best practices as a sort of “tribal knowledge” that we share to drive your success and help you get the best results possible. Following best practices can help you maximize your return on investment, achieve your goals and grow faster. 

To learn more about the free support we offer to our customers, read Trucker Tools’ Best-in-Class Support. Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ digital software platform, including digital freight matching, real-time visibility and Book It Now®

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