December 14, 2020 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools’ Frequently Asked Questions for Brokers

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Choosing a technology partner and the right software for your business are big decisions. Your choices impact your employees, profit margins and ability to meet the expectations of your customers. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the questions we frequently get from logistics providers and freight brokers and answered them as honestly as possible. Whether you’re just getting to know Trucker Tools or you’re a long-time customer, these FAQ give you answers to your most burning questions about Trucker Tools and what we can offer your business.

Why should I use Trucker Tools’ solutions in my business?

It’s pretty simple. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, real-time visibility platform and Book It Now® save you time — and in transportation, time is money. Our solutions for brokers reduce manual communications between your staff and shippers and carriers. Instead of picking up the phone to find out where that load is or to cover a load, your employees can quickly get what they need with a few clicks on their computers. Trucker Tools’ broker platforms help you reduce your operating costs, increase profit margins and build relationships with carriers.

Can I integrate Trucker Tools’ software with my TMS?

The answer is YES! Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching and real-time visibility platform can be integrated with most transportation management systems in use today. For more about our TMS and other software integrations, visit the partners directory

How can I share data from your real-time visibility platform with my shippers?

Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform can be integrated with shipper visibility platforms FourKites, MacroPoint, 10/4 and Project44. With these integrations, your shippers can see Trucker Tools real-time load tracking data in their shipper software interfaces. Sharing data through this integration eliminates manual phone calls about load tracking and saves you and your shippers time.

How do I know that the documents I receive through the Trucker Tools driver app’s doc upload tool are authentic?

When a document is transmitted to you via the Trucker Tools driver app, the driver must take a live photo to send the document. This means the trucker is unable to send you a file that was previously saved on their phone. Each document that you receive via our driver app’s scan and send tool is stamped with a date and time. There’s also no delay in between the time the document is scanned and when it’s sent to you.

What can I do if a driver or carrier won’t use your driver app to track loads?

The good news is that you have options. If a driver or carrier can’t use the Trucker Tools’ driver app, you can track the load usng the driver’s ELD. For truckers who are uncomfortable with app-based load tracking, assure them that our load tracking tool is transparent for truckers. The driver has to tap on accept in the driver app in order for you to be able to see their location. Truckers also can pause or cancel a load track right in the app. When load tracking is on, they can clearly see the name of the broker tracking the load and the load associated with the track.

How often do I get location updates when I’m tracking a load with Trucker Tools?

Our load tracking solution uses our free driver app and the GPS technology in the trucker’s smart phone to provide you with automatic, real-time location updates every five to 15 minutes. You determine how often you want to receive updates. 

I get a lot of emails from carriers about capacity and it takes a long time to read and respond to all of these emails. Can Trucker Tools help make this a more efficient process?

We’ve made it easy for you to deal with capacity-related emails from carriers. Just set a rule in your email account to auto-forward capacity-related emails to Trucker Tools and we’ll take it from there. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform automatically processes the emails that you receive from carriers. This process is called email parsing. Our software can essentially read the email, identify the carrier and the number of trucks they have available, and automatically add this information to the capacity you see in our broker platform.

To find out why everyone in the industry is talking about digital freight matching, read How Digital Freight Matching Is Revolutionizing Transportation.

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