May 6, 2020 | TruckerTools

Three Ways Trucker Tools’ New Driver App Delivers Time and Cost-Savings to Brokers

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We recently released a new version of the Trucker Tools driver app that includes 17+ time-saving, easy-to-use features redesigned to simplify life on the road for the 900,000+ truckers who use our app. Trucker Tools’ driver app provides truckers with instant access to real-time information on open loads, truck stops, rest areas, parking, fuel prices, optimal routes, weigh scales and more.

But Trucker Tools’ newly released driver app does more than simplify life on the road for truckers — it also can raise operational efficiency for your brokerage. From digital load tracking and in-app document uploads to automating load bookings and capacity searches, Trucker Tools’ driver app can help you reduce inefficiencies and automate manual processes. Making your brokerage more efficient and eliminating manual tasks such as check calls frees up the time and resources for you to increase freight volume and profits, and that’s always a good thing.  

1. Accurate, GPS-Based Real-Time Visibility

Among the 17+ tools and features included in Trucker Tools’ free driver app is a GPS-based load tracking feature that delivers the real-time visibility data you need to satisfy your shippers’ visibility requirements. When you track a load with the real-time visibility tool included in Trucker Tools’ driver app, you receive automatic updates on the truck’s location every five minutes. You can view these updates either in Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity real-time visibility platform or in your TMS.

Because the visibility tool is just one of many useful features included in our free driver app, truckers often prefer to use our driver app’s visibility tool over single function load tracking apps or ELDs. As a result, most brokers who use the Trucker Tools’ driver app with carriers are able to increase visibility compliance significantly, while reducing check calls by as much as 40 percent.

2. Doc Scanning

Once the tracked load has been delivered, the carrier can scan POD and BOL documents and send them to you instantly via the Trucker Tools driver app. The documents must be scanned live via the Trucker Tools driver app and carriers can’t use pre-loaded images from their phones, which helps eliminate fraudulent documentation. This doc scan feature allows you and your carrier partners to complete paperwork instantly and efficiently. Doc scanning capabilities are only available when using Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility tool for load tracking.

3. Digital Truck Capacity Searches and Automated Bookings

When you think about what requires the most time, human resources and attention in your business, searching for and securing truck capacity is likely at the top of the list.

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching makes finding trucks much easier and more efficient for brokers. Our digital freight matching platform matches your open loads with carriers who are looking for freight using Trucker Tools’ driver app. You can search within your carrier network by dates, lanes, types of trucks/equipment, weight and other factors in your TMS or in Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform. You get to decide which carriers can view your loads, so you’re never fielding inquiries from unqualified carriers. Because Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform is a private network, you also don’t face the same competition from other brokers like you do with load boards and other public freight/truck marketplaces.

Posting a load as a Book-It-Now load in our digital freight matching platform puts finalizing load bookings in the hands of carriers. With all the details of your Book-It-Now loads viewable in Trucker Tools’ driver app, carriers can book your loads instantly via our driver app at times that are convenient for them without ever picking up the phone or sending you an email. The automated booking offered by Book-It-Now greatly reduces the time and resources you require to secure truck capacity. Book-It-Now is a win-win because it not only reduces phone calls, load board use and emails for you, it does the same for your carrier partners.

Interested in learning more about Trucker Tools’ TMS integrations? Check out our partner integration directory.

For more information on how Trucker Tools’ driver app can help your brokerage boost profit margins, schedule a free demo.

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