March 12, 2020 | TruckerTools

Digital Freight Matching for Brokers — Seven Ways To Find and Secure Truck Capacity More Efficiently

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It’s crystal clear that using load boards, phone calls and emails to find and secure truck capacity isn’t efficient. All three of these methods shift your human resources away from serving your shippers and concentrate your staffing on manual processes. In lieu of using these outdated, manual methods for finding and booking trucks, you can leverage the power of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching for brokers to target preferred carriers, simplify your operations and increase operational efficiency for your brokerage/3PL.

Check out the top reasons why you should rethink your manual capacity searches and load booking process and migrate to Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching for brokers.

1. Trucker Tools’ Private Capacity Network

Public load boards are used by millions of carriers and thousands of brokers looking for the best rates. The competition can be fierce. Trucker Tools operates its own digital freight platform as a private truck capacity network. That means you don’t have to compete with thousands of other brokers for truck capacity like you do on load boards.

2. Simplified Capacity Searches

With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching for brokers, you can search for in-network and out-of-network truck capacity with a few clicks on your computer. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, matching your open loads with available trucks in your preferred networks by lane, truck/equipment type, dates and more.

3. Fewer Phone Calls with Unqualified Carriers

You may be wasting precious time responding to carriers who don’t have the right equipment or experience to haul your shippers’ freight. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching for brokers allows you to limit your capacity searches to your individualized list of preferred carriers, which means fewer phone calls and emails from unqualified carriers.

4. Streamlined Communications with Preferred Carriers

Instead of calling a carrier dispatcher four or five times to confirm truck capacity and rates, Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching for brokers allows you to communicate with truckers and carrier dispatchers quickly and easily right from your desktop computer. When you upload your open loads to Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform, truckers can view your open loads in real time, send you rate quotes and finalize load bookings directly through Trucker Tools’ free driver app — no phone calls needed.

5. Greater Operational Efficiency

Using Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching for brokers reduces the time that you devote to finding and finalizing truck capacity, which ultimately helps your brokerage/3PL operate more efficiently. Greater operational efficiency can translate into higher profit margins. It also allows you to shift your human resources to customer support, which increases the level of service you’re able to provide to your shippers.

6. Automated Load Booking

Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now lets dispatchers and drivers search for and book your loads directly through our free driver app. You get to decide which loads to designate as Book-It-Now loads and which carriers can book your Book-It-Now loads.

When carriers view your Book-It-Now loads in our  driver app, they can either book the load immediately at your listed rate or submit an alternate rate quote to you — directly from the app. If a carrier books your Book-It-Now load through the Trucker Tools driver app, the load is automatically booked in your TMS and the carrier receives an automated email confirmation. Automating the load search and booking processes helps you run your brokerage more efficiently and helps your carrier partners streamline their operations, as well.

7. Predictive Load Matching

Many brokers and 3PLs love the predictive load matching capabilities of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform. Predictive load matching uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms to show you carrier capacity before it’s ever posted publicly. Trucker Tools’ predictive load matching matches your open freight loads with qualified carriers and their future truck capacity in specific geographic regions on specific dates. This makes it much easier for your brokerage to find and secure truck capacity in advance.

If you’d like to learn how one 3PL is using Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching for brokers to gain consistent, reliable insight and access to available truck capacity while reducing inefficiencies, watch our webinar with LTI Delivers or schedule a Trucker Tools demo today.

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