December 18, 2019 | TruckerTools

How Trucker Tools’ 2.5 Million Trucker Network and Book-It-Now Can Help You Grow Your Brokerage

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In October, Trucker Tools’ carrier network surpassed the 800,000 mark. Translation: more than three-quarters of a million truckers have downloaded and are using Trucker Tools’ free driver app! Last April, our carrier network was 600,000-strong, which means it has increased by 25 percent over a short six month period.

The good news is that your brokerage can tap into Trucker Tools’ large carrier network with relative ease using an integration between Trucker Tools and your TMS. Read on to learn how our sizable carrier network and game-changing Book-It-Now tool can help your brokerage create better relationships with carriers and assist brokers in automating manual processes that ultimately help increase load capacity volume.

Find High-Quality Capacity with Trucker Tools’ Growing Carrier Network

One of the most important things for you to know about Trucker Tools’ ever-increasing network of carriers is that most of the truckers who are using our driver app are owner-operators and micro-carriers with 10 trucks or less. Why does this matter? Owner-operators and micro-carriers move approximately 80 percent of all freight volume in the United States and are especially well-suited to hauling loads with multiple stops or that require special handling.

When you have access to Trucker Tools’ network of owner-operators and micro-carriers, you’re in a better position to accommodate the changing needs of your shipper customers from season to season. If, for example, you need more reefer capacity during produce season, you can turn to Trucker Tools’ carrier network for additional capacity.

Our Smart Capacity platform lets you search for capacity in a matter of seconds, ultimately reducing the time you spend searching for trucks. Smart Capacity also helps you book multiple loads with a carrier in a single communication. This helps you cultivate relationships with specific carriers that you may want to pull into your network in the future. Smart Capacity’s predictive load matching uses machine learning to provide you with capacity suggestions based on your previous transactions and history, as well.

Automate Load Bookings with Book-It-Now

We added an automated, real-time load booking feature to Smart Capacity called Book-It-Now. Book-It-Now is designed to reduce the time that you and carriers spend on searching for capacity/freight, negotiating rates, confirming load details and booking trucks.

When you designate a load as a Book-It-Now load in Smart Capacity, you give carriers the ability to book the load directly through Trucker Tools’ driver app. This eliminates back and forth phone calls or emails regarding available loads/trucks and confirmation details. If an owner-operator or carrier dispatcher books a Book-It-Now load in Trucker Tools’ driver app, the booking is recorded in your brokerage’s TMS automatically and the carrier receives an automated email confirmation that includes all of the load details.

Using Book-It-Now in your brokerage operations automates the time-consuming manual tasks associated with booking a truck. Book-It-Now also helps carriers increase their efficiency, making it a win-win for you and your carrier partners. It’s worth mentioning that in a recent Trucker Tools survey, carriers overwhelmingly voiced their preference for automated load booking over traditional, manual load booking processes. The use of Book-It-Now in your operations can help you attract and retain those carriers who prefer automated load booking.

At Trucker Tools, we’re constantly working on improving our driver app and creating tools that connect you with carriers. Our goal is to offer technology-based solutions like Book-It-Now that help you streamline your operations and grow your business while doing the same for carriers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Book-It-Now can help you and your carrier partners, read “Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now: A Game-Changer for Brokers And Carriers.” If you’re ready to find out how Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and driver app can help grow your brokerage, schedule a free Trucker Tools demo.

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