December 18, 2019 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now: Offering Brokers Fully-Automated, Real-Time Load Booking

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Here at Trucker Tools, we stand by what we say. When we say that our Book-It-Now load booking software fully automates your booking process with carriers, we mean it! Trucker Tools Book-It-Now solution makes the load booking experience seamless for both you and your carrier partners. When you use Book-It-Now in your brokerage, you gain a tremendous efficiency advantage that ultimately can increase productivity, load volume, and revenue for your business. 

Fully Automate Your Load Booking Process with Specific Carriers

As a broker, you have the power to decide which loads you list as Book-It-Now loads and which of your preferred carriers are able to use this feature. When you post a Book-It-Now load in Smart Capacity, you enter the relevant details associated with the load, including pick-up and delivery days/times/locations, type of freight, the rate, contact information for your brokerage, weight and load size. You also can choose which carriers can see your Book-It-Now loads when they search for available loads.

With Book-It-Now, the load booking process takes seconds, not hours, and can be completed with a few taps on a smartphone or mouse clicks on a computer. When carrier dispatchers and truckers view your Book-It-Now load listing in Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform or driver app, they have access to all the information they need for the load, including potential deadhead mileage. If the carrier taps on Book-It-Now to book your load and taps on “I agree” to accept the load, the booking is recorded automatically in your TMS and a confirmation email is instantaneously and automatically sent to the trucker and dispatcher.

Increase Productivity for Your Brokerage with Book-It-Now

Some of our broker and 3PL partners report that it can take as long as two hours (!) to finalize a single load booking with a carrier using phone calls, email and text messages. One of the primary advantages of using Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now solution in your brokerage is that it can completely eliminate phone calls and other manual communications with carriers when it comes to securing capacity. Eliminating manual communications with carriers greatly reduces the amount of time that your staff members spend finalizing load booking details with truckers and dispatchers.

The return on investment for Book-It-Now can be significant. When your brokerage’s staff members spend less time finalizing load bookings, they have more time for booking additional loads, cultivating strategic partnerships with preferred shippers and carriers, and providing great customer service. The efficiency gained from Book-It-Now can help you increase the number of loads of your load board, expand your networks and boost revenue.

Empower Carriers To Initiate Load Booking with Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now

Over the last few years, we’re heard again and again from small and mid-sized carriers that they prefer to book loads quickly and efficiently through an app. It makes sense why. Just like you, carriers use efficiency metrics to improve their operations and maximize profits. They understand that fully automating the load booking process and reducing time spent on manual tasks can increase their load volume and revenue. When you automate load bookings for carriers with Book-It-Now, you’re better able to meet their needs, which ultimately strengthens your relationships with them.

One thing that you’ll love about Book-It-Now is that it changes the dynamic between you and your carrier partners. Book-It-Now encourages carriers to proactively search for and book loads through the Trucker Tools driver app. When carriers take on the responsibility for finding loads and initiating load booking, it reduces the time that you, as the broker, spend searching for capacity and finalizing load bookings — which is another efficiency win.

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