February 11, 2020 | TruckerTools

Talking Logistics: How Technology Helps Freight Brokers Remain Competitive In The Market

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With all the pressure on brokers today to update their systems and provide real-time data to shippers, how do brokers – particularly middle marker players – make an informed, successful choice about what technology platforms to adopt.  With all the third-party, cloud-based network solutions available today, it makes no sense for a broker to try to build their own.  Delay also is a critical mistake; the longer a broker waits on a technology decision, the further behind they become.

And, there is no thing as one size fits all. Broker regardless of size each require solutions that are flexible and adaptable to the needs of their operations and demands of their customers – and quickly implementable. The objectives are three-fold:

  • Capacity Visibility: Gain consistent, reliable and timely insight and access to available trucks, in real time, not hours later. Stale data from traditional load boards is no longer acceptable.
  • Process Automation. Reduce the variable cost of covering a load by automating much of the manual work brokers engage in today. That’s calls, emails and texts to find and secure a truck, negotiate with the driver, book the load and complete the transaction.  And, use automation to help that driver find the next available load, thereby eliminating “one load wonders.” And develop a robust, high quality carrier network.
  • Tracking Automation. Real-time, accurate and constantly updated shipment tracking is table stakes. Brokers need a platform integrated with GPS-enabled mobile app tools to provide automated shipment tracking – reliving the broker and driver from annoying check calls.

Choosing a scalable, highly accurate booking automation and visibility technology solution can be the difference-maker for mid-sized logistics providers. It’s their silver bullet for competing effectively, and out-performing, the big dogs.

The questions that are covered in this session are:

  • Before we dive into the topic, tell us briefly about LTI: What types of services do you offer, which industries do you serve, and what’s your role at the company? 
  • There’s a lot of competition in the freight brokerage industry today. What does it take for a broker to differentiate itself in the market today, especially if you’re a mid-sized provider? In other words, what would make shippers and carriers work with you instead of somebody else?
  • How is technology helping brokers, especially small and mid-sized ones, remain competitive in the market? [Talk about Capacity Visibility, Process Automation, and Tracking Automation] 
  • There are a lot of technology solutions and providers in the market focused on visibility and process automation. What key capabilities were you looking for in a solution, and what factors led you to select Trucker Tools as your technology partner?
  • A lot of brokers, as well as shippers and carriers, have transportation management systems as part of their technology stack. How do these solutions integrate with TMS systems?
  • Can you share a little bit about how you rolled out the solution? What benefits have you achieved to date? 
  • What’s next in terms of new opportunities for continuous improvement or innovation?

This Talking Logistics segment explores lessons learned, best practices and practical experience outlining how one mid-sized 3PL is achieving success in all three of these mission-critical areas to elevate its service to shippers.

Featured speakers:

  • Adrian Gonzalez, President, Talking Logistics
  • Mark Boss, General Manager, LTI Deliveries
  • Prasad Gollapalli, Founder and CEO, Trucker Tools

If you want to learn more about how LTI increased their visibility compliance and reduced check-in calls, check out the blog “LTI Delivers Raises the Bar on Shipper Service Offerings with Trucker Tools.” To find out how Trucker Tools can increase visibility and efficiency for your brokerage, schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools digital freight matching and visibility tool.

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