February 14, 2020 | TruckerTools

How Much Does Trucker Tools Cost?

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When considering solutions to implement in your brokerage, cost is one of the factors that figures heavily in the decisions you make. Keep in mind, however, that the true cost of a solution often is more than just the initial purchase price and any recurring monthly fees.

To understand the true cost of any technology-based solution, you should consider the effect that the platform has on your operations, from subscription fees and staffing to operational efficiency and carrier on-boarding costs. The bigger question is, what is the solution’s return on investment, relative to the literal price of the software? In this blog, we provide you with information on the cost of Trucker Tools’ driver app and Load Tracking platform, including potential cost-savings you can realize as a result of implementing our solutions.

Trucker Tools’ Free, All-in-One Mobile Driver App

The Trucker Tools driver mobile app is an app-based efficiency tool that is designed to simplify life on the road for truckers. Trucker Tools’ driver app is free for carriers. Unlike the single function trucker apps in the market today, the Trucker Tools driver app includes 17+ tools and features that are made to increase productivity for both carriers and brokers/3PLs. Trucker Tools’ driver app provides carriers with real-time information on best routes, fuel prices, weigh scales, rest areas, truck stops, truck washes, weather, DOT locations and more. Also included in the driver app is a powerful freight tracking tool and digital freight marketplace.

What is the cost of your current carrier/load tracking mobile app? And are your carriers willing to use it? One of the primary reasons that carriers often are reluctant to use single function visibility apps is that they provide no real value to carriers. We’ve designed the Trucker Tools driver app to be inherently valuable to carriers. In addition to reducing the number of apps carriers use throughout the day, the Trucker Tools driver app’s load tracking and load search tools can be used by carriers with virtually any broker.

Trucker Tools’ driver app also can be integrated with your shippers’ visibility platforms and with your brokerage’s transportation management system, which simplifies load tracking and capacity searches for your brokerage staff members.

The Cost of Trucker Tools’ Load Track

Smart Capacity is a comprehensive broker/3PL platform that uses advanced technology to automate communications and to strengthen your relationships with carriers, drivers and shippers. If you only need a visibility solution, you also have the option to use Trucker Tools’ Load Tracking tool as a stand-alone solution. Pricing for Load Tracking is based on volume. (For more pricing information on Trucker Tools visibility platform, click on Request a Demo to receive a personalized quote.)

Whether you choose to purchase Smart Capacity or use Load Tracking on a per track basis, Trucker Tools’ load visibility solution provides you with real-time updates on the location of trucks every five minutes. You can view the location of trucks directly in your TMS or in Smart Capacity. Using Trucker Tools’ load tracking can reduce significantly the number of check-in calls you make to carriers, as well as your manual communications with shippers, thanks to Trucker Tools’ integration capabilities.

Some our broker/3PL Load Track customers report that they’ve been able to reduce check-calls by as much as 40 percent. The check-in call reduction and simplified load tracking provided by Trucker Tools often translate into increased operational efficiency, which means higher profit margins. Choptank Transport has been able to increase its operational efficiency by 20 percent thanks to Trucker Tools.

When calculating the true cost of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity or Load Track — or any technology-based transportation solution — be sure to consider return on investment, including the potential for increased operational efficiency, fewer check-calls and stronger relationships with preferred carriers and shippers.

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