May 5, 2020 | TruckerTools

The Best Things in Life Are Free — Including the 17+ Tools and Features in Trucker Tools’ Driver App

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Trucker Tools’ newly redesigned driver app is free for truckers, proving that not everything needs to cost a lot of money to have value. Offering a powerful, all-in-one app to truckers isn’t a gimmick or a limited time offer. We’ve made our comprehensive driver app free because we understand that running a successful trucking business is all about keeping expenses in check.

With 17+ tools and features designed to simplify your life on and off the road, the Trucker Tools free driver app gives you all the real-time information you need in a single smart phone app. Check out some of the driver app’s most popular tools and features below and find out how they can help you minimize your downtime and keep your truck moving and making money.

Routing & Fuel Optimizer

The routing & fuel optimizer in our newly released driver app helps your find the cheapest fuel. Simply enter your destination and estimated arrival day/time and the driver app will provide you with turn-by-turn directions for the route. The directions include stops with the cheapest fuel along your route to ensure that save as much money as possible on fuel during your haul. You also can search for the cheapest fuel nearby your current location if you need to fuel up immediately.

Truck Stop Guide

Trucker Tools’ truck stop guide simplifies trip planning. Our in-app truck stop guide shows you truck stops nearby your current location. You also can look at truck stops along your route by entering a destination and ETA. Each listing in the truck stop guide shows you the truck stop’s address, current fuel prices, number of parking spots and the number of diesel pumps at the location, as well as information on amenities, types of fuel cards/credit cards accepted, and food/restaurant options.

Load Search

Reduce the time that you spend on finding loads/reloads with Trucker Tools’ free driver app. The driver app’s load search tool lets you quickly search for loads by lanes, broker name(s), dates and type of freight/equipment. When you view your load search results in the driver app, you can view them in a list or map view. Each load listed includes the dates, lanes, potential available reloads, broker name and phone number, associated deadhead miles, weight and load type. If you see a load that you’re interested in, send the broker a quote immediately from the Trucker Tools driver app. Note: brokers must add you to their network in order for you to view their open loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app.


Book-It-Now makes booking a load quicker and easier than ever. Loads that are labeled with Book-It-Now in your load search results can be booked immediately right in Trucker Tools’ driver app without calling or emailing the broker. (Note: the rate that you see listed for each Book-It-now load is determined by the broker, not by Trucker Tools.) When you book a Book-It-Now load via Trucker Tools driver app, the load is automatically booked in the broker’s transportation management system and you receive an automated email confirming the load booking. Included in your confirmation email are suggestions for reloads and future loads.

Book-It-Now lets you search for and book loads at times that are convenient for you. You don’t have to wait for a broker to pick up the phone or return your call. You can book loads any time using Trucker Tools’ free driver app.

To learn more about these and other features included in Trucker Tools’ free driver app, read New Version of Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Easy Load Searches, 17 Tools and Features To Get You Through These Challenging Times.

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