April 27, 2020 | TruckerTools

New Version of Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Easy Load Searches, 17 Tools and Features To Get You Through These Challenging Times

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As a trucker, we know you’re feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic firsthand. With many businesses closed, there’s less freight on the road and you may be having a hard time keeping your truck(s) moving. If you’re a trucker who is out on the road hauling essential freight, you may be having problems finding hand sanitizer, food and other basic supplies.

Please know that Trucker Tools is here for you, no matter what your situation is. Our free, all-in-one driver app can provide you with the support that can carry you and your trucking business through this difficult time. The newest version of our free driver app includes 17+ tools and features that make life easier and help you make money while on the road. From in-app load searches and bookings to real-time store locators and information on parking and fuel prices, Trucker Tools’ free driver app can help you during this challenging time.

Search for and Book Loads

We recently surveyed your fellow truckers about their top concerns during the pandemic. Their number one concern, and no doubt it’s your top concern as well, is reduced income. One way to boost your income during the pandemic is to turn to other sources for income and develop relationships with new brokers and 3PLs.

You can use Trucker Tools’ free driver app to search for freight with companies such as Schneider Transportation, Kingsgate Logistics, Trinity Logistics and Atlantic Logistics. (Please note that you must be added to a broker’s carrier network in order to see that broker’s loads in the Trucker Tools driver app.) You even can book Book-It-Now loads directly in our app in a matter of seconds.

Routing and Fuel Optimization

If you’re out on the road, route planning helps you keep your expenses in check, which is important when your profit margins are thin. In the latest version of the Trucker Tools driver app, use the routing & fuel optimizer to find the cheapest fuel stops along your route. Enter the start and end points for your trip and we’ll give you a route with fuel stops that will save you money. All of the fuel prices you see in the app are real-time.

For each fuel stop, you can view how many fuel pumps and parking spaces there are at the location, as well as a list of amenities, services, fuel cards accepted and more. Also included for the trip are turn-by-turn directions, average cost per gallon, total approximate cost, approximate taxes, estimated savings, distance covered and estimated time.

Find Food and Supplies

We also learned from our survey that not being able to buy sanitizer, finding places to get food and reduced hours at truck stops, stores and restaurants are a major challenge for you and your fellow truckers.

The truck stop guide in the Trucker Tools driver app can help you find food and restaurants quickly. Each listing in the truck stop guide tells you if there is a restaurant at the truck stop. In the map view of the truck stop, you also can search for restaurants near the truck stop by tapping on the fork and knife icon.

Use the Wal-Mart store locator to find Wal-Mart locations along your route, as well, where you can stock up on groceries and supplies. Each store listing includes whether or not the store is currently open and if the store sells groceries. You also can submit a review and rating of the store or read other truckers’ reviews and ratings of each store.

No matter what you need right now, please know that Trucker Tools has your back. We’re here to help you find loads, safe places to park, groceries, rest areas, truck stops, cheap fuel, weigh scales, doctor’s offices, hospitals, DOT locations and more. As always, we appreciate all that you do as a trucker, and we want you to stay healthy and safe out there on the road.

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