April 29, 2020 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: OTR Capital

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Trucker Tools is thrilled to announce a new partnership with OTR Capital, a well-respected transportation services company based in Roswell, Ga. Like Trucker Tools, OTR Capital is committed to providing you with the support you need to succeed and to weather the ups and downs of the freight market. The integration between Trucker Tools and OTR Capital provides you with access to all the tools you need to keep your business strong and successful. From back office support, credit checks and fuel advances to a doc upload tool that speeds up payments, efficient load searches and quick load bookings, we’ve got you covered.

OTR Capital’s Services

OTR Capital has been in business since 2011 serving companies of all sizes across several industries, including freight brokerage, trucking, government contracting, staffing and payroll, construction and manufacturing. The company currently works with more than 5,000 trucking companies, most of whom operate 10 trucks or less. The company specializes in bringing high-value services that are usually only accessible to large carriers to owner operators and small to mid-sized carriers.

Get Paid Faster with Doc Scan Feature

When you finish a load and have signed POD documents in hand, use the Trucker Tools driver app’s doc scan feature to immediately scan the documents and send them to the broker. Uploading BOL and POD documents immediately via Trucker Tools’ driver app ensures that you get paid as quickly as possible. It also means you don’t have to worry about dropping off paperwork at a broker’s office or trying to find a place to scan the BOL and POD documents.

The doc scan feature included in the Trucker Tools driver app requires a live, in-app photo — a preloaded image cannot be used. You also must be present at the drop off location to upload POD documents via the Trucker Tools driver app. Doc scanning is only available when you use Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility tool, included for free in Trucker Tools’ driver app.

Find Loads Efficiently with Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Marketplace

The integration between OTR Capital and Trucker Tools also helps you find loads efficiently. With the integration, you can access Trucker Tools’ digital freight marketplace directly through OTR’s web-based portal. The integration makes it easy for you to quickly search for open loads. Instead of trading emails or phone calls with brokers or chasing stale loads on load boards, you can search for loads easily in a matter of seconds directly in the OTR portal. You can search for loads by broker name, lane, dates, type of freight and other variables.

All of the open loads you see posted in Trucker Tools’ digital freight marketplace via OTR’s portal are live loads. The load data is pulled directly from the transportation management systems of brokers and 3PLs, so you can trust that the load information provided is accurate. Trucker Tools’ digital freight marketplace can be accessed any time of day or night, which means you can search for loads at times that are convenient for you.

Book Loads Quickly with Book-It-Now

Some of the Trucker Tools loads that you’ll see listed in the OTR portal will be labeled as Book-It-Now loads. These loads can be booked directly through the OTR portal — no phone calls to and from the broker are necessary. When you book a Book-It-Now load, the appointment is automatically scheduled in the broker’s TMS. You receive an automated email confirmation that confirms the load booking. The confirmation email also includes suggestions for reloads and future loads based on your load booking history.

Being able to easily search for loads and reloads and to book them quickly can be a game-changer for you and your trucking company. With Trucker Tools digital freight marketplace and automated load booking, you gain access to more freight and can stop losing valuable drive time to load boards, phone calls and emails to brokers.

To learn more about OTR Capital, visit

If you’d like to download Trucker Tools’ free driver app that includes 17+ tools and features, including those discussed above, visit

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