January 22, 2020 | TruckerTools

Say Goodbye to Stale Load Boards, Hello to Faster Load Searches and Bookings with Trucker Tools

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If you’re a carrier dispatcher using load boards, you’re probably spending a lot of time finding loads. You may have to pay for multiple monthly load board subscriptions just to see the information posted. The load information that is posted on the load boards to which you subscribe may be out of date and/or incorrect by the time you see it. When you do find a good load on a load board, confirming the details and rate with the broker may require several phone calls, which takes time.

In this blog, learn how you can use Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform to reduce the time that you spend finding high-quality loads. Instead of wasting time chasing stale data on load boards, automate your process for finding and booking high-quality loads with preferred brokers/3PLs with Trucker Tools.

Trucker Tools’ Free Digital Freight Platform

Instead of relying on load boards, you can use Trucker Tools’ digital freight platform to find quality loads and reloads within your preferred broker/3PL network. The loads listed on Trucker Tools’ digital freight platform are private and secure. They’re not open to just any trucker or carrier looking for a load.

Searching for loads takes seconds, not minutes or hours as it does with load boards and phone calls. When you search for loads, the results are listed in order, with the best matches within your network listed at the top. Our digital freight platform uses machine learning to continually improve search results. All of the loads listed in Trucker Tools’ digital freight platform are real loads and include information on pick-up and drop off locations, stops, weight, type of freight, associated deadhead miles, number of loads and the name of the broker/3PL associated with the load.

As a carrier dispatcher, you can submit a quote on the load either through the free Trucker Tools driver app or through our digital freight platform, both of which are free for carrier dispatchers. No follow-up phone calls are required and you’re notified about whether the broker/3PL has accepted your quote within the driver app/Trucker Tools digital freight platform.

Automate Load Booking with Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now

Some of the loads listed by your broker and 3PL partners may be listed as “Book-It-Now” loads. When a load is listed by a broker/3PL as a Book-It-Now load, you can book the load immediately and directly within the Trucker Tools driver app or in Trucker Tools’ digital freight platform. When you book a Book-It-Now load, the load automatically is booked in the broker/3PL’s transportation management system.

Almost instantaneously, you and the trucker automatically receive an email confirmation that includes the load details, as well as suggestions for future reloads that are based on the destination of the current load and your history of load searches. The suggestions for future available loads that are included in each Book-It-Now email confirmation make it that much easier for you to find and secure reloads for your drivers.

Greater Efficiency, Reduced Costs Grow Your Business

Trucker Tools connects you with quality loads within your preferred broker/3PL network quickly, when you need them. Reducing the time that you spend searching for quality loads and reloads can increase the efficiency of your dispatch operations in a significant way. Less time spent searching for loads means more time for cultivating new business and forming lasting partnerships with preferred brokers, 3PLs and shippers.

Less time spent booking loads with brokers and 3PLs also increases efficiency for your trucking company. Rather than paying a monthly fee to access load boards, sitting on the phone to find out if the load is still available, then negotiating the rate with the broker/3PL and finalizing the booking by phone, you can just book the load directly using Trucker Tools.

Learn more about how automating load booking can help your trucking company by reading Use Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now to Increase the Profitability of your Trucking Business.

To find out more about Trucker Tools’ digital freight platform for carrier dispatchers, call 703-955-3560.

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