May 4, 2020 | TruckerTools

Three Ways To Find Reloads with the Newest Version of Trucker Tools’ Free Driver App

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Before the Coronavirus outbreak, FreightWaves was reporting that 12 to 20 percent of the miles driven by truckers weren’t earning revenue. Since that FreightWaves article was published, the number of empty, deadhead miles has no doubt gone up even more as volumes have been impacted by COVID-19. 

With outbound tender volumes down by 15 percent or more and rates decreasing, it’s more important than ever for you to have a quick and easy way to find reloads. The newest version of Trucker Tools’ free driver app gives you three different ways to quickly find reloads so that you can keep your trucks moving and making money. 

Identify Reloads When You Do a Load Search

With the latest version of Trucker Tools’ free driver app, you have the power to search for open loads and reloads in a matter of a seconds. Simply tap on the Loads icon, enter your destination and confirm your estimated ETA at the destination. Once you do that, you’ll be shown a list of available loads between your current location and the destination you’ve entered. In the list view, the number of reload opportunities are displayed for each load on the righthand side. 

Tap on the load and you’ll see on the next screen tab Reloads tab. This Reloads tab shows you available reload opportunities, with the best matches shown at the top of the list. You can filter reloads by distance using the Filter button at the bottom of the loads list screen. (Note: brokers must add you to their network in order for you to view their open loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app.)

View Reloads When You Book a Load with Book-It-Now

When you search for open loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app, you’ll see that some of the loads in your search results are marked as Book-It-Now loads and include a dollar amount. With Book-It-Now loads, you can book the load immediately in the Trucker Tools’ driver app — no phone calls to the broker are necessary. Instead of making multiple phone calls to one or more brokers to inquire about available freight and to haggle over rates, you can book the load immediately in Trucker Tools’ free driver app. Book-It-Now gives you the power to book loads on your schedule when it’s convenient for you. You don’t have to wait until a broker’s office opens for the day. Simply open the Trucker Tools driver app and start booking loads.

Once you tap on the red Book-It-Now to book the load, a “Congratulations! Your load is booked” confirmation message appears. Below that message, you’ll see a button “See Reloads.” Tap on this See Reloads button to view reload opportunities for the load you’ve just booked. You can also view reloads for this load later by looking at your list of confirmed loads.

Reload and Future Load Suggestions in Book-It-Now Email Confirmations

Did you miss out on the reload opportunities that the Trucker Tools driver app displayed in your load search results and when you booked your Book-It-Now load? No worries. You also receive suggested reloads via email every time you accept a Book-It-Now load. When you confirm a Book-It-Now load in Trucker Tools’ driver app, the appointment is automatically scheduled in the broker’s transportation management system. You (and your carrier dispatcher) receive an automated email that confirms the load booking and details. This email also includes reload and future load suggestions based on the load that you just booked. 

When it comes to reload opportunities, Trucker Tools’ driver app has you covered. Learn more about the 15+ other features included in Trucker Tools’ free driver app by reading Trucker Tools’ New Driver App: Making Your Life Even Easier on the Road.

To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app clicking the button below. 

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