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April 2020 Monthly Link Roundup – Brokers

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A lot happened this April, so to get you back to speed on what you may have missed, here’s our April 2020 Monthly Blog Roundup! 

In this roundup, find out how Trucker Tools can unlock real-time visibility for your brokerage and learn what you should look for when choosing freight capacity tools for your brokerage. Read about the new version of Trucker Tools’ free driver app, which is all about improving the user experience for truckers. Also included: our recent partnerships that allow truckers to reserve overnight parking through Trucker Tools’ driver app, results from our carrier survey, and tips for setting up and managing a remote workforce.  

Trucker Tools’ Newly Updated Driver App: Offering Brokers Real-Time Visibility, Digital Freight Matching and Automated Load Booking

We recently released a major update to our free driver app that includes a fresh new design that simplifies life on the road for carriers even more. The Trucker Tools driver app still includes real-time load tracking, digital load/truck matching, doc upload and automated load booking capabilities that increase efficiency for both you and carriers — plus one new feature.

Tips for Brokers on Transitioning to a Remote Work Environment

The Coronavirus has forced many businesses to transition to a remote work model with little to no advance planning. In this blog, we’ve gathered tips from business experts across the spectrum on how to establish a solid remote work infrastructure to keep your business running efficiently during the crisis. 

How Trucker Tools Unlocks Real-Time Visibility

Is your current visibility strategy failing to produce the results you need to remain competitive? Are you struggling to meet your shippers’ load tracking expectations? Do you spend too much time on check calls? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read this blog to learn how and why Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform delivers results that other solutions often cannot.

Integration Partner Highlight: OTR Capital

Trucker Tools’ new partnership with OTR Capital allows OTR Capital carriers to access Trucker Tools’ digital freight marketplace directly through OTR’s web-based portal. Carriers can quickly search Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform for open loads with preferred brokers and book Trucker Tools broker loads right from within OTR’s web-based portal.

Carrier Survey: Reduced Revenue, Access to Food and Supplies, Detention Top COVID-19 Concerns

Trucker Tools recently surveyed carriers to learn more about how COVID-19 is impacting them. We asked carriers about the problems they’re encountering on the road and they gave us the unvarnished truth. In this blog, we discuss the results of the survey and how you, as a broker, can help your carrier partners during this difficult time. 

Which Freight Capacity Tools Should I Use?

If you’re considering which digital freight capacity tools to implement in your brokerage, it’s important to choose solutions that reduce the time and human resources required for finding and securing capacity. Increasing the efficiency of your truck searches and bookings ultimately can help you boost both freight volume and profit margins.

Trucker Tools Adds SecūrSpace to Platform, Expands Overnight Parking Resources for Nation’s Truck Drivers

Parking is a major problem truckers, which is why we’ve partnered with SecūrSpace to provide more options for Trucker Tools’ driver app users. Through our partnership with SecūrSpace, truckers can search for, reserve and pay for overnight and long-term truck parking directly in the Trucker Tools driver app!

How To Maintain Efficiency, Reduce Overhead and Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 is having a major impact on the trucking industry. Check out our tips for increasing operational efficiency and maintaining profit margins during the crisis, including how to automate the most time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks in your business.

Trucker Tools and TruckPark Announce Strategic Partnership

Trucker Tools is pleased to announce a new partnership with TruckPark that allows truckers to search for and reserve overnight and long-term parking directly in the Trucker Tools driver app. This integration adds in-app parking to the long list of time- and cost-saving features included in Trucker Tools’ free driver app.  

What Brokers Need To Know About the New Version of the Trucker Tools’ Driver App

Even though the Trucker Tools driver app is made for truckers, it has several features that greatly benefit brokers. Read more about how the new version of our popular driver app can help you automate some of the most time-consuming processes in your brokerage — and learn why nearly 900,000 truckers have downloaded Trucker Tools’ free driver app.

Our March 2020 Monthly Link Roundup was packed with great tips, surprising survey results and advice on how to withstand disruptions in the supply chain. If you haven’t yet seen it, be sure to give it a read.

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