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April 2020 Monthly Link Roundup – Carriers

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Just in case you missed some of Trucker Tools’ blogs during the month of April, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch here for you. 

In this roundup, learn all about the brand new version of Trucker Tools’ free driver app and two new partnerships that allow you to search for, reserve and pay for overnight parking right in the driver app. Also featured in this roundup are interviews with Trucker G, Jacinda Lady Truck’n, Redneckanize and Wayne Campbell of The Driver Side, as well as our new How-To series with step-by-step directions on using your favorite Trucker Tools driver app features.

How To Maintain Efficiency, Reduce Overhead and Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 caught a lot of us by surprise and is causing major disruptions to the trucking industry. In this blog, we look at how you can maintain profit margins during the crisis by automating and digitizing the most time-consuming activities in your day-to-day business. 

New Version of Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Easy Load Searches, 17 Tools and Features To Get You Through These Challenging Times

We recently released a major update to our free driver app, which we’re super excited about. The newest version of Trucker Tools’ free driver app includes the 17+ tools and features that you’ve come to know and love and a fresh new design. In addition to a new design, we’ve added a new COVID-19 resource tool that puts all the latest COVID-19-related industry news right at your fingertips.  

Trucker Tools Adds SecūrSpace to Platform, Expands Overnight Parking Resources for Nation’s Truck Drivers

Parking is a huge issue for you and your fellow truckers, which is why we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with SecūrSpace. Thanks to our partnership with SecūrSpace, truckers will be able to find and book overnight and long-term truck parking directly in the Trucker Tools driver app!

Trucker Tools and TruckPark Announce Strategic Partnership

More good news about parking! Trucker Tools is pleased to announce that we’re partnering with TruckPark to provide you with even more parking options in the free Trucker Tools driver app. With our integration with TruckPark, you can search for, reserve and pay for secure parking right in the Trucker Tools driver app in a matter of seconds.

Learn More About Enclosed Car Hauling with Jacinda Lady Truck’n

In this interview with Jacinda Duran, aka Jacinda Lady Truck’n, learn about enclosed car hauling, including what it’s like to haul classic, luxury and antique cars with a 120-inch sleeper truck. Jacinda shares how she got into enclosed car hauling and what makes it different from other types of trucking.

Top Challenges Truckers Are Facing During COVID-19 — And Where To Get Help

It hasn’t been an easy few months for lots of folks, particularly truckers. In order to learn more about what truckers are going through right now, we recently surveyed users of our driver app. Read this blog to learn more about how to deal with some of the challenges you’re facing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Trucker Tools’ New Driver App: Making Your Life Even Easier on the Road

We dig into some of the most powerful features in the latest version of the Trucker Tools driver app, including the new COVID-19 resource that provides you with the latest COVID-19 related industry news. Also learn more about how to find (and book) loads with your favorite brokers using the newest version of the driver app.

Trucker G Shares 28 Years of Industry Advice with Fellow Truckers, New and Veteran

Trucker Tools recently had the pleasure of talking with owner operator Gerald Johnson, known as Trucker G on social media. In part one of our interview, Trucker G offers his thoughts on what it was like being a CDL instructor for eight years, why he thinks mentorship is vital to the industry and how Trucker Tools can help new drivers build relationships with brokers.

Owner-Operator Trucker G on the Current Challenges Truckers Face on the Road

This is part two of our interview with Gerald Johnson, aka Trucker G, a veteran trucker and current owner operator based in Missouri. Trucker G discusses the challenges that the trucking industry is facing currently, which we share in this blog.

All About Oilfield Trucking — with Wayne Campbell of The Driver’s Side

Wayne Campbell, host of The Driver’s Side, tells us about why he left reefer and dry van trucking to haul frack sand in the oilfields in Texas. He offers his perspective on oil field driving, including what he learned from the experience and what prospective oilfield drivers should know about this area of trucking. 

Trucker Tools’ New Driver App: Helping Truckers During the C-19 Pandemic

The new version of the Trucker Tools driver app is all about helping you run your business as efficiently as possible. With the version of the driver app, you can search for open loads, find the cheapest fuel, locate the nearest Wal-Mart store, optimize your route and even more with just a few taps on your smart phone.

Redneckanize Offers Shared Knowledge, Gathering Place for Truckers

This interview with Ed Prince and Tiffini Springer delves into the history of Redneckanize, an owner operator focused DIY trucker group that got its start one year in the Papa John’s parking lot at MATS. Learn more about how this grassroots group is giving back to the trucking community and why Redneckanize is excited about its partnership with Trucker Tools. 

In our new How-To Series, read step-by-step instructions on how to use the most popular features in the newly redesigned Trucker Tools driver app:

How to use the Weigh Scale feature in Trucker Tools’ new app

The driver app’s weigh scale locator helps you find weigh scale locations all along your route.

How to use the Route & Fuel Optimizer tool in Trucker Tools’ new app

Find the cheapest fuel along your route with Trucker Tools’ real-time route & fuel optimizer.

How to use the Truck Stop Guide in Trucker Tools’ New App

Use our Truck Stop Guide to find truck stops quickly and to find specific amenities like showers, parking and food.

How to Filter Features in the new Trucker Tools driver app

Explore the power of the filter feature in our newly redesigned driver app.

How to use the Trucker Tools Book-It-Now tool

The power of Trucker Tools’ game-changing Book-It-Now, which automates load booking for both truckers and brokers. 

Our March 2020 Monthly Link Roundup was chock full of great tips and ideas on how to grow your business — check it out if you haven’t already!

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