June 5, 2020 | TruckerTools

Simplify How You Find and Book Truck Capacity — with Trucker Tools

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If you’re not running your brokerage as efficiently as possible, you’re missing out on opportunities to increase your revenue. One manual task that takes considerable time and attention is reading and responding to emails from carriers. Front estimates that logistics businesses are losing valuable time and revenue due to manual email processes, as much as two hours per employee each day and $6,000/year/employee. You likely receive truck lists from carriers on a daily basis that may sit in your inbox for several hours because of the sheer volume of emails you receive. By the time you read the email, the trucks also may no longer be available. 

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity digital freight matching platform can help you reduce the amount of time that you spend reading and responding to emails from carriers who’re inquiring about available loads and respond faster. You don’t have to read and manually answer emails from carriers. Smart Capacity does it for you and then matches your open loads with available truck capacity and responds to carriers. You can even give preferred carriers the ability to book loads directly through Trucker Tools’ free driver app. 

How Trucker Tools’ Email Parsing Works

It’s easy for you to automate reading and responding to capacity-related emails from carriers. Simply set a rule in your email program to auto-forward capacity-related emails to Trucker Tools and we’ll do the rest. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity utilizes machine learning technology to process each email that you receive from your carrier base. Essentially, the platform reads the email, identifies the carrier and available capacity, and automatically digitizes this information and inputs it into our Smart Capacity platform. 

Digital Freight Matching Reduces Your Cost Per Load

Once the data from the email messages is in Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity digital freight matching platform, your available loads automatically are matched with available trucks. Instead of making multiple phone calls to carriers or sending emails back and forth with the carrier dispatcher, Smart Capacity automates the entire process, saving your brokerage valuable time and human resources. Most brokers who use Trucker Tools’ email parsing and Smart Capacity digital freight matching love the quick turnaround, time-savings and automation that the platform provides. Instead of spending time reading and responding to carrier emails about available trucks every day, brokerage staff members instead can focus on other tasks such as business development, carrier development and shipper service.

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity digital freight matching is designed to provide time and cost-savings for both you and your carriers.  We confirm receipt of the carrier’s email with the carrier by automatically emailing the carriers a list of matching loads, streamlining the process for carriers, as well. 

Trucker Tools’ Book It Now® Makes Complete Automation of Process Possible

You can increase efficiency for your brokerage even more by using Trucker Tools’ game-changing automated load booking tool, Book It Now ®. Book It Now® is the puzzle piece that automates the final stage of the process, the load booking. When your loads are posted in our Smart Capacity platform as Book It Now® loads, you give carriers of your choosing the ability to book your loads directly in the free Trucker Tools driver app. The entire process is automated for both you and carriers — no phone calls or follow-up emails needed.

When a carrier taps on Book It Now® in Trucker Tools’ free driver app, the load is automatically booked in your TMS. The carrier (and/or dispatcher) then receives an automated email that confirms the details of the booking and that includes suggestions for reloads/future loads for the carrier. If carriers want to submit alternate rate quotes instead of accepting the rates you’ve listed, they also have the ability to submit rate quotes directly through the app.

The automation offered by Trucker Tools’ email parsing, Smart Capacity digital freight matching and Book It Now® reduces the time and effort you have to devote to finding and securing truck capacity. This increase in efficiency ultimately reduces your cost per load, which is great for your bottom line and profit margins.

Learn more about Book It Now® by reading Book It Now® for Brokers.

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