March 30, 2020 | TruckerTools

Book-It-Now for Brokers

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Now more than ever, automating activities is crucial to ensuring that your brokerage remains efficient and functional. Innovative tools like Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now reduce the time that you spend on finding and booking truck capacity. Book-It-Now for brokers eliminates the back and forth telephone calls you usually make to carriers about available trucks, rates and to finalize appointments. At the same time, efficiency tools such as Book-It-Now benefit carriers by simplifying the load search and load booking process for them, as well.

Find Available Trucks Quickly with Digital Freight Matching

If you’re like many of the brokers and 3PLs that we speak with, you may be making 20 to 30 telephone calls just to find truck capacity for a single freight load. You also may be bombarded on a daily basis with emails and other communications from carriers, asking you about your open loads. Please know that better options do exist.

With Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity digital freight matching platform, you can find available truck capacity in a matter of seconds. Instead of spinning your wheels with manual phone calls and emails, you can search for open trucks from a list of your preferred carriers by dates, locations, type of capacity and more. Trucker Tools’ predictive load matching even lets you view and book truck capacity before it’s ever publicly posted.

Automate Freight Booking with Book-It-Now for Brokers

One of the biggest challenges in the current freight brokerage market is maintaining operational efficiency, particularly as you may be transitioning to a remote work model due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can automate freight booking and increase efficiency by listing your open loads in Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity digital freight matching marketplace as Book-It-Now loads. Book-It-Now’s instant freight booking greatly reduces the time and resources you need to devote to securing truck capacity, which is great for your brokerage’s profit margins.

With Book-It-Now, carriers who use the free Trucker Tools driver app can view your open loads and book your loads directly in the app in a matter of seconds. When a carrier books your Book-It-Now load in the Trucker Tools driver app, the appointment is automatically scheduled in your transportation management system and a confirmation email is automatically sent to the trucker and/or carrier dispatcher. You have the power to decide which carriers can use Book-It-Now and for which loads, which allows you to strategically cultivate relationships with preferred carriers.

Book-It-Now: A True Win-Win for Brokers and Carriers

In a tight truck capacity market, it’s wise to choose technology-based solutions that benefit not only you and your operations but that benefit carriers, as well. When you implement easy-to-use automation tools that help carriers improve their profit margins, it makes it that much easier for you to form positive, long-term relationships with high-quality carrier partners.

In addition to providing greater efficiency for your brokerage or 3PL, Book-It-Now’s instant freight booking increases productivity for carriers. When carrier dispatchers and/or owner-operators place fewer phone calls and spend less time emailing you about open loads, they have more time for cultivating new business and increasing revenue.

Some carriers also may be able to reduce their use of load boards thanks to Book-It-Now, simplifying their daily operations and helping save them money. Another benefit is that the Book-It-Now confirmation email that carriers receive includes suggestions for reloads and future loads based on their load booking history and location.

To discover how Book-It-Now for brokers can increase efficiency and profit margins for your brokerage or logistics business, read Why Automating Truck Searches and Bookings Is Important or book a demo with our sales team today.

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