August 24, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Get Excited — Trucker Tools’ One-of-a-Kind Driver Loyalty Program Is Nearly Here!

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Big news for drivers and freight brokers! We’re launching the trucking industry’s first of its kind Driver Loyalty Program that rewards drivers for using Trucker Tools’ driver app to engage with brokers. Our new driver loyalty program is a win for the transportation industry because it rewards drivers with gift cards to 200+ different retailers at a time when the cost of doing business is high, while helping brokers digitize and save time in daily operations.

Here are all the important details on Trucker Tools’ unique Driver Loyalty Program.

How Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program Works

We want to encourage both drivers and brokers to use Trucker Tools’ app to its full potential to save valuable time and money on the daily. With Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program, drivers automatically earn free TruckerPoints just for using the Trucker Tools’ driver app. These TruckerPoints can be redeemed for gift cards to more than 200 different retailers.

In the program, freight brokers can create customized reward levels to encourage drivers to take specific actions within the app. For example, a broker may want to automate the submission of BOL and POD documents and create a reward to encourage more drivers to use the app to upload these documents. In this scenario, drivers would earn points every time they uploaded documents at the end of a load track.

Trucker Tools’ new Driver Loyalty Program is free for drivers. Brokers can purchase loyalty marketing services that come with free TruckerPoints that are awarded to them at different package tiers. Brokers then can offer these points to drivers for taking certain actions within the app.

Benefits for Drivers

Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program rewards drivers like you for business you’re already doing with our free mobile app. When you perform one of the actions that a broker has set a reward for (such as booking a Book It Now® load or tracking a load), you earn TruckerPoints. These instantly available TruckerPoints can then be redeemed for digital gift cards at 200+ of the largest retailers in the United States, including clothing retailers, ride share companies, restaurants, outdoor equipment stores, coffee shops, video and music streaming services, and more.

Free gift cards certainly can come in handy when you’re looking to reduce your daily spend and save money when operating costs are high, as they are presently. In addition to the monetary value of the gift cards, the Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program helps you build and maintain relationships with brokers and 3PLs, raising your profile to make you a carrier of choice among brokers.

As always, Trucker Tools’ free driver app is your go-to source for real-time information when you’re behind the wheel. Our driver app includes 17+ features and tools designed to simplify your life on the road. Use the app to find parking, loads and reloads, weigh scales, truck stops, rest areas, Walmart stores, food, truck washes, cargo insurance and more. You also can use the app to track loads for brokers, upload documents and send them to brokers, trip plan and find the cheapest fuel. 

Benefits for Freight Brokers

Trucker Tools’ new Driver Loyalty Program gives freight brokers like you the power to reward drivers for taking specific actions within the Trucker Tools app. What’s unique about our program is that you can customize driver rewards based on the goals of your team and company. You may choose to create rewards around load tracking, load booking with Book It Now® or other actions within the app.

Rewarding specific driver behaviors in the mobile app provides multiple operational and strategic advantages. First, it can increase compliance among drivers and save you time, money and resources by making your operations more efficient. The Driver Loyalty Program also can reduce your spend on new driver recruitment by incentivizing drivers to continue working with you, as the program is designed to boost carrier retention and grow awareness of your brand in the driver community. It even can help differentiate your company from other freight brokers and 3PLs in the industry.

Ultimately, Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program can make you a broker of choice among drivers by increasing their earnings and providing them with additional, easily redeemable monetary benefits.

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