May 18, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Get To Know Adam Pollock, Trucker Tools’ Customer Support Representative and Team Lead

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In this ongoing blog series, we’re shining a spotlight on the people who work at Trucker Tools — from the talented folks who design our time and money-saving applications to the fantastic people taking your support calls. In this newest blog, you’ll meet Adam Pollock, known affectionately to his peers as Padam, who is a customer support representative and also a team leader of Trucker Tools’ customer support team. Before joining Trucker Tools three years ago, Adam had spent most of his career providing customer service to Fortune 500 companies. Out of the blue, a headhunter approached him about coming to work for Trucker Tools and the rest, as they say, is history.

Introducing Adam Pollock, Trucker Tools’ Customer Support Representative and Team Lead!

Name: Adam Pollock

Nickname: Padam

Title: Customer Support Representative, Tier 1 Team Lead

Passion: Crafts, DIY Projects

Pets: Two Dachshunds, Lexus and Cowboy

First Concert: Taylor Swift on the Fearless Tour

Bucket List Travel: Shanghai and Paris Disney

What Adam Does at Trucker Tools

“I make sure our customers have responses in a timely manner,” Adam said. “One of our goals across the board that really sets us apart is that we try to respond back to customers within 10 minutes, even if that’s just to let them know we’re looking into it. It’s letting them know someone has received their message and they’re not having to email back an hour later to check in. The other thing is that I train new hires on our customer support team. Lately, I’ve been working on creating templates to help streamline customer support. On a day-to-day basis, I assist with providing extra support to the Tier 1 support team and working to ensure consistency in responses to customers. I’m also doing the same work that they’re doing. I’m kind of the class clown within the team. I like to make my co-workers laugh. I keep it in check, but it’s nice to be able to make people smile or stop for a second and kind of just take that moment to breathe, so to speak.”

B. T. T. (Before Trucker Tools)

“Before I came to Trucker Tools, I worked for Fortune 500 companies like Roll International,” said Adam. “A lot of people don’t know that name, but they own Fiji water, Teleflora and Cuties oranges. I worked for them for several years right out of high school and just worked my way up. From there I worked with Chase Financial Services and in Bank of America’s corporate office. It was a complete flip as far as working in finance versus working now in the freight industry world. It’s a totally different ball game than banking. A few years ago, I was moving up to Virginia and I got a call from a headhunter about coming to work for Trucker Tools. I took a chance and it was one of the best things that I’ve done. I’m very happy working here.”

What Adam Likes About Working at Trucker Tools

“With this job, there’s always a change in the industry and you’re constantly learning new things, which I like,” Adam shared. “The freight industry is completely up and down daily, almost like the stock market. Also, Trucker Tools has always been like a family. We all still have a very close relationship and then just the comradery across the board, it truly does make an enjoyable work environment. It’s kind of cliche to say, but for at least myself, I don’t dread getting up and working. I actually work too much, according to my boss. She tells me to log out when she sees me popping in on chat and answering questions during my vacation. Learning to disconnect is good, though, and it’s something I’m working on.”

How Adam Has Grown at Trucker Tools

“One of the things that has really changed is I’m learning new leadership skills,” Adam said. “Not only that, but I’m learning to use new technology that I hadn’t dealt with in the past. There’s been a lot of change in the last year and a half with the company and that’s helping me learn to innovate and embrace change. Working remotely has made me more self-disciplined not just with the job, but in my personal life, as well.”

What Adam Does for Fun Outside Work

“I’m a very big crafter, ranging from ceramics to printing t-shirts, coffee cups and hats with a sublimated heat press,” said Adam. “Sublimation uses a special ink that when put under a high temperature, turns that ink into gas, which then fuses the image onto the product that you’re working with. It’s a delicate process. I’m a big crafter and DIYer. A few weeks ago, my mom wanted a concrete slab in her backyard for a little patio so I did the whole thing by myself, which was a lot of work. I like to find old furniture pieces at yard sales or flea markets and refinish, paint or stain them, too.”

What People May Not Know About Adam

“Right after I moved to Virginia when I had already started with Trucker Tools, I found out that I had colon cancer,” Adam shared. “I dealt with that for about a year. It runs in my family. It was stage two. Everybody was very supportive when I was going through that and I didn’t take off very much time, even though everyone wanted me to. It was nice to have that support from the team. It’s all good now, though.”

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