April 20, 2022 | TruckerTools

Introducing Tyler Cassidy, Trucker Tools’ Senior Software Engineer

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In this ongoing blog series, we’re introducing you to Trucker Tools’ most valuable resource: our employees! These are the folks working hard behind the scenes to answer your questions, design new technology features and help you make your business more efficient. In this blog, you’ll get to know Tyler Cassidy, Trucker Tools’ Senior Software Engineer who spends the bulk of his time working on Trucker Tools’ backend systems. Tyler joined the Trucker Tools team in 2021 after spending most of his career up until that point in the telecommunications industry. Tyler is a University of Virginia alum who enjoys gardening, cooking and spending time with his family.

Read on to learn more about Tyler Cassidy, Trucker Tools’ Senior Software Engineer!

Name: Tyler Cassidy

Title: Senior Software Engineer

First Concert: Robert Randolph and the Family Band at UVA

Passion: Travel

Bucket List: Traveling to Italy and Japan

Pets: Cats Chester and Orzo

What Tyler Does at Trucker Tools

“I mostly work on our backend systems, meaning more on the server side,” Tyler said. “Between our two products, I work on Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching a lot more. With digital freight matching, it’s all about bringing the broker and carrier together. I’ve also been working on a long-term project to improve load matches for carriers on our platform, which I’m excited about.”

Pre-Trucker Tools

“I worked in telecom for nine years for Cogent Communications,” said Tyler. “I was there quite a long time, but I decided that I needed to branch out. The fact that I hadn’t worked in transportation before was an interesting factor for me when applying for the job at Trucker Tools. It was something different.”

What Tyler Likes About Working at Trucker Tools

“I feel like I have a lot of independence in how I get the work done in how I approach it,” Tyler shared. “I like the technology that we use. We use a lot of different web or cloud based tools that I’ve gotten more exposure on working here. The job definitely matches my skills, but exposes me to new stuff, too.”   

What Tyler Has Learned at Trucker Tools

“I’ve learned a lot about the trucking industry,” Tyler said. “I didn’t realize how dispersed it is between the shipper, the broker, the carrier and the driver. There can be a lot of small players. It’s not very vertically integrated and sometimes you’ve really got to work to bring them together. That’s a big part of Trucker Tools’ business.”

What Tyler Does for Fun Outside Work

“I like to spend time with my boys and my wife,” Tyler said. “We have two kids, four and one. I also like cooking one-pot dishes, wine, cocktails, gardening and working on my house. I like to travel, but I haven’t done too much in the past couple of years.”

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