April 19, 2022 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Freightflow TMS

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The benefits of integrating software platforms together are numerous for your freight brokerage or 3PL business. Integrated software platforms can increase employee productivity, reduce errors, provide insights about your business, cut costs, help you better understand your customers, and provide flexibility and scalability. That’s why Trucker Tools partners with leading technology providers across the transportation industry, including transportation management system vendors. We’re excited about our new full-stack integration partnership with Freightflow TMS because it combines the power of our Smart Capacity carrier relationship management platform with Freightflow’s perishables-specific cost savings and efficiency boosting technology.

About Freightflow

Freightflow is a transportation management system that is designed to meet the needs of the produce industries and perishable food organizations. The TMS was created by industry professionals with more than 60 years of experience in growing, shipping and the distribution of perishable produce using freight brokerage. The TMS helps 3PLs, grower/shippers and distributors reduce costs and raise service levels while simplifying daily workflows for internal teams. The product was designed to give the c-suite and administrators the reporting and insights they need to understand their bottom line. Freightflow is a cloud-based TMS built with open source technology that is scalable, which means it can continue to help you cut costs and provide superior service even as your business is growing. Freightflow allows unlimited users on its end to end platform without additional costs to your organization. As a Freightflow user, you can expect to save at least one to three percent on freight expenditures in your first full year of use.

Real-Time Load Tracking That Delivers

This integration partnership brings Smart Capacity’s real-time load tracking capabilities to the Freightflow interface. If you’re the owner of a freight broker or 3PL business, that means that your team can view, manage and monitor the real-time visibility provided by Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and driver app directly in the Freightflow TMS. With the integration, your team members will automatically receive real-time load location updates every five to fifteen minutes, empowering them to stay on top of delays and address them in real-time. Trucker Tools’ driver app, the driver/carrier component of our load tracking system, is free and can be used by carriers and drivers with multiple brokers and 3PLs, which makes it a popular tool in the carrier and driver communities.

The value of real-time load tracking can’t be overstated. Today’s shippers expect you as a freight broker or 3PL business to be able to provide them real-time load tracking updates and accurate ETAs, as this data helps them operate with greater efficiency. In fact, many shippers now require that you meet specific visibility KPIs in order to move their freight. The good news is that brokers and 3PLs that use Smart Capacity’s real-time load tracking typically can meet and surpass most shippers’ KPIs. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and its real-time load tracking also integrates with the software platforms often used by shippers, including MacroPoint, Project44, Trimble (formerly 10/4) and FourKites. As a result, you can share visibility data with your shippers in real-time.

Digital Freight Matching and Carrier Relationship Management

Our integration partnership with Freightflow also includes the digital freight matching and carrier relationship management components of the Smart Capacity platform. The integration allows your team members to quickly find capacity using Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching tool and to manage relationships with carriers directly within the Freightflow TMS. Unlike load boards, digital freight matching technology is a real-time technology that doesn’t rely on the manual removal of loads and capacity. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology uses transaction data from our platforms and data on the real-world movement of trucks and freight to tell you with accuracy where capacity is currently and where it will be available in the future. With Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching, your team’s capacity searches are much more efficient. Once one of your team members finds a truck for a load in Smart Capacity, they can either call the carrier at the phone number provided or send a message to the carrier via the Smart Capacity platform.     

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity also is designed to manage your carrier relationships beginning with the very first load that a new carrier moves for you. When searching for trucks in the platform, team members can search first for capacity within your network of preferred carriers or from a customized list of carriers that have already been onboarded with your company. This reduces the time that your team spends on-boarding new carriers, helps you book repeat business with carriers and can be the foundation for building ongoing partnerships with carriers of your choosing. You also have the option to post your loads as Book-It-Now® loads, which gives specific carriers the ability to book your loads digitally in our free software platform for fleets, which is being actively used by more than 195,000 small and mid-sized carriers. 

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