October 5, 2021 | Trucker Tools

How a True Digital Experience Helps Brokers Win the Capacity Battle and Build Carrier Loyalty

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The freight markets today are more capacity constrained than ever. At the same time, transformative technology is rewiring the landscape and changing virtually every aspect of how brokers engage with, conduct business, and support their truckload carriers.

The main areas where technology is transforming processes are freight matching, load booking, and tracking.

This episode of Talking Logistics with Geoff Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, and Prasad Gollapalli will examine the technology strategy employed by Choptank Transport as it embraced collaborative, digital freight technology innovation – and how it helped Choptank gain synergies, efficiencies and improved engagement with its trucker-partners, broker team and shippers.

How would you characterize the “capacity battle” today?

“Currently the market is very imbalanced. There is a driver shortage and brokers are having to find more and more trucks out of network.”

Geoff Turner from Choptank discusses his challenges with finding carriers in the current market and his strategy for overcoming those challenges in this clip from Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez and Prasad Gollapalli.

How does technology help brokers build carrier loyalty?

Technology has become increasingly helpful in building relationships within the transportation industry and can help you become a broker of choice for your carriers.

Prasad dives into the impact technology has on increasing efficiency for both brokers and carriers and how it helps to drive carrier relationships and build your carrier network.

How is Choptank leveraging technology to win the capacity battle and build carrier loyalty?

Choptank prides themselves on caring about their carriers and trying to help make their lives easier on the road. Geoff Turner, CEO of Choptank shares how the Trucker Tools app has made a significant impact on becoming a broker of choice for their carriers. The app acts as a lifestyle app that provides over 17 tools for carriers to use on the road while also allowing them to book quality, premium loads all in one place.

Geoff emphasizes how technology has significantly helped carriers find quality loads, especially in today’s market where carriers are more and more running outside of their usual lanes.

What are some important factors brokers should consider when making the “build vs. buy” decision?

Prasad Gollapalli discusses how technology can either be built in-house to help with internal processes, or you can purchase external software to help streamline your processes.

If you choose to look at external software, make sure that you pick technology that provides value to both you and your stakeholders. Your technology vendor should also act more as a partner who will provide support and training to your team and help build a network between you and your carriers.

How do you measure the success of your digital transformation journey?

When Choptank first implemented Trucker Tools, their main goal was to increase tracking compliance, build rapport with carriers, and meet shipper requirements. With Trucker Tools, they have successfully exceeded these goals.

Geoff Turner from Choptank shares how Trucker Tools has helped them increase compliance to over  90%, improve the lives of their carriers which increased loyalty, and significantly exceeded the requirements of their shippers. 

What do you see as the biggest trend that will continue to transform the industry?

Today, Brokers are looking for ways to become more proactive rather than reactive. With the constant technology innovation , data evolution and predictive freight analytics are becoming more and more popular.

Geoff Turner and Prasad Gollapalli discuss the importance of predictive data on the transportation industry and how it helps brokers become more strategic in their operations, more efficient with load booking, and helps improve customer relationships.

If you’d like to watch the full interview, click the video below.

For questions on how Trucker Tools digital technology can help you streamline your operations and build your carrier loyalty, schedule a free demo.

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