April 30, 2019 | Trucker Tools

How Brokers Can Work Smarter, Not Harder — with Trucker Tools

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Living and working in the age of Big Data comes with its own specific challenges. For brokers, one of the greatest challenges is getting available capacity and tracking/visibility information in a matter of seconds instead of hours. The ability to exchange real-time, accurate information with truckers can be the difference between seeing an increase or decrease in revenue for a brokerage.

Information Is Power

Trucker Tools’ freight tracking and digital freight matching platform together with Trucker Tools free driver app form a real-time, automated communication channel between brokers, carriers, truckers and 3PLs. Instead of relying on phone calls, emails or load boards with outdated information to find capacity or loads, they can send and receive accurate available load or truck and visibility information automatically in a matter of seconds through their computers or smart phones. 

Freight Matching

Digital freight matching is one of the most popular and highly-rated features of Smart Capacity and for good reason. At present, Smart Capacity is matching more than 98 percent of all loads posted, which is great news for both brokers and carriers. Load matching combines real-time information exchange and communication between brokers and carriers with powerful analytics to optimize matches between brokers and carriers. The result is that brokers can secure capacity even before the trucks become available and reduce the cost of covering freight. Small carriers and owner operators, who don’t have the technology or resources that most large carriers have for identifying lucrative markets for better reloads based on real-time available freight information, can simply rely on Smart Capacity to do the job efficiently for them while they focus on driving their trucks.

Success with Small Carriers and Owner Operators

Brokers know that the growth of the brokerage depends on how well they build their carrier network, especially with small carriers and owner operators, who move about 80 percent of truckload volume. It’s no coincidence that the largest broker in today’s market also has the largest repeat carrier network of small carriers and owner-operators. The days of locking up carriers in a rolodex (or the “black book”) are gone. No single broker owns the carriers. All brokers have to work hard to gain the loyalty of the carriers and carriers aren’t interested in using only one broker. 

Trucker Tools’ digital load matching platform is built for success with small carriers and owner operators at its core. The platform provides carriers and owner-operators with better reloads from their trusted group of brokers, even before their trucks become available. At the same time, the platform allows brokers to retain and nurture their carrier networks and cover loads with trucks even before those trucks become available. Because Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching software is a confidential and private platform,  brokers are able to connect and grow their carrier network without the fear of losing carriers to other brokers. 

Today, Smart Capacity is used by more than 125,000 small carriers and owner operators. Two out of every three microcarriers (10 trucks or less) and 80 percent of carriers with less than 25 trucks use Smart Capacity. More than 600,000 truckers are currently using the Trucker Tools driver app. This widespread adoption means that most of the carriers used by brokers are already on the Smart Capacity platform and they are waiting for brokers to adopt Smart Capacity. For brokers, this makes success with carriers easily achievable. 

Increase Visibility

Freight visibility can be difficult to achieve when using small carriers, which is why Trucker Tools created Load Track. When used in tandem with the driver app, Load Track provides brokers and 3PLs with accurate, real-time information on the progress and status of loads in transit. Load Track provides automated pickup and delivery confirmations, accurate ETAs with traffic and weather alerts, and full route maps to brokers

There are currently more than 600,000 truckers using Trucker Tools’ driver app. Truckers are embracing the driver app because it has 16 practical tools and features that drivers can use on the road. Because tracking is just one of these features, the app’s tracking capabilities are often viewed more favorably by truckers than stand-alone tracking apps. 

Smart Capacity also notably integrates with a number of transportation management platforms, including MercuryGate, BrokerPro, Freight Solutions, McLeod Software, Tailwind, HighJump and Strategy Systems. Integration with a TMS gives brokers continuous visibility and proof-of-delivery image capture. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Smart Capacity and Load Track can increase the efficiency of your brokerage, email or call 703-955-3560 to schedule a demo. 

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