April 16, 2020 | TruckerTools

How to use the Truck Stop Guide in Trucker Tools’ New App

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Here is a step by step guide on how to use the Truck Stop Guide feature in Trucker Tools’ new driver app.

Step 1

Begin by opening the Trucker Tools driver app and tapping on the Truck Stop Guide icon.

You will see the truck stops nearby your current location, sorted by distance from closest to furthest away.

Each truck stop listing includes the truck stop’s name, address, distance from your current location, prices of diesel fuel, a map view, and the number of diesel pumps and parking spots at the truck stop.

You can click on any icon on the map or you can click on each truck stop within the list to view the amenities for that stop.  

Step 2

If you want to look at truck stops and fuel prices for an upcoming load, enter your destination in the “where to” box at the top of the list. 

Step 3

The notification screen that pops up is for you to verify your ETA at that destination. This ETA is precalculated based on your distance and route to that destination.

To edit your ETA to account for breaks or stops, click on the date and time to set your ETA with the scrolling wheel for each.

Then hit confirm.

The map will now open up with icons of all the truck stops along your route.

Step 4

The list view is also showing all of the truck stops along your route, starting with the closest one to your current location.

Step 5

When you click on any of the truck stops in the list, you will see all the details of that stop.

Some of the amenities you can see at first glance are how many parking spots they have, the diesel fuel price, how many pumps there are, what credit/debit cards are accepted, and more as you scroll down.

You can download our Trucker Tools free driver app by clicking the button below. 

If you’re already a Trucker Tools user and love our app give us a 5 star review in the app store.

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