December 18, 2019 | TruckerTools

How Trucker Tools’ Automated, Real-Time Load Tracking can be the Difference-Maker for Smaller Brokerages

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If you’re a broker running 100 loads or less each month, you may think that a high-quality, accurate load tracking platform is out of your financial reach. Think again!

At Trucker Tools, we create solutions that specifically serve the needs of small and mid-sized brokerages like yours. That’s why our load tracking platform is made to integrate with all of the major transportation management systems on the market and is much more affordable than many other visibility systems. Best of all, Trucker Tools’ visibility platform automates load tracking, increases your efficiency, allows you to better meet your shippers’ needs and can provide value to your carrier partners.

Trucker Tools’ Visibility Solution Automates Load Tracking

One of the reasons why Trucker Tools serves the small to mid-sized broker market is that we think businesses of all sizes should be able to leverage the power of the latest and greatest technological advances — not just the mega brokers. We’ve designed our load tracking solution to use the same GPS technology that the big brokers use to track their loads.

The main component of Trucker Tools’ visibility platform is our free driver app. The driver app uses the GPS technology native to the truck driver’s smartphone to determine the precise, real-time location of freight when it’s in transit. Load tracking automatically starts and stops based on the truck’s proximity to the shipper’s facility and the receiver’s facility.

Once load tracking begins, location information is updated every five minutes so that you have continuous visibility of the load. You can view a truck’s location either in your TMS or using Trucker Tools’ load tracking software. If you see that a truck is running behind due to unforeseen circumstances, you know immediately and can stay ahead of any potential service issues.

Increase Efficiency, Profits with Trucker Tools’ Visibility Platform

When you automate load tracking for your brokerage with Trucker Tools, you reduce the time you spend tracking freight manually with check-calls. Instead of making seven or eight calls to a trucker or carrier dispatcher for every single load you move, you can eliminate calls altogether or reduce the number of check-calls per load to one or two (unless your shipper requires a certain number of check-calls, of course).

Reducing the number of check-calls you make per load can have a major impact on your brokerage’s bottom line. When check-calls are reduced or eliminated, brokerage staff members have more time to concentrate on other things, such as finding additional freight and truck capacity. Shifting focus from check-calls to proactively cultivating new business can quickly translate into greater load volume and profits.

Strengthen Shipper and Carrier Relationships by Fully Automating Load Tracking

Survey after survey finds that visibility is a top concern for shippers. When shippers have continuous, real-time visibility of their freight, they can operate more efficiently and generate more revenue. If your brokerage uses check-calls to monitor the progress of freight, there are times that you can’t reach the trucker or dispatcher and you can’t provide your shippers with the instant visibility they require and need. That can threaten your relationship and business with your shippers.

Trucker Tools’ automated load tracking ensures that you have real-time, start-to-finish visibility for all of your loads, from the time they leave the shipper’s facility until they reach their final destinations. With continuous access to accurate freight location information, you can better meet your shippers’ needs and build positive relationships with preferred shippers.

Your carrier partners will find value in Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform, as well. Load tracking is just one of the 17+ features and tools included in the Trucker Tools’ driver app. The driver app also provides truckers with information on fuel prices, optimal routes, weigh scales, truck stops, weather, traffic and available freight loads. Using Trucker Tools’ driver app allows your carriers to use a single app in their daily operations instead of seven or eight different apps.

The load tracking feature included in the driver app can be used with multiple 3PLs and brokers, which also is a benefit for carriers. The multi-functionality of Trucker Tools’ driver app is why it’s often adopted by carriers at much higher rates than single-function, tracking-only apps.

If you’d like to learn more about Trucker Tools’ visibility solution, read Trucker Tools’ Affordable Visibility Solution: Raising Visibility Compliance, Reducing Check Calls and Lowering Costs For Brokers.

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