How Trucker Tools’ Visibility Solution Increases Efficiency, Strengthens Relationships for Shippers, Carriers, and Brokers

Freight visibility/tracking can benefit shippers, carriers, and brokers by optimizing operations for efficiency and building positive business relationships. Though freight visibility can benefit all segments of the supply chain, it’s still a target that is often missed. Most visibility solutions are plagued by low carrier adoption rates, lack of transparency, limited functionality and incorrect location data. Unlike many freight tracking options in the market today, Trucker Tools’ GPS-enabled freight tracking technology delivers on its promise of continuous, precise freight tracking while building trust between shippers, carriers and brokers.

Shippers: Increase Operational Efficiency, Receive Accurate Load Arrival Times

Instead of utilizing outdated cell phone triangulation location services, Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app uses the GPS technology native to the trucker’s smartphone to determine the location of freight. For shippers, this means that the location data provided to brokers and shared with shippers is much more accurate than other visibility solutions on the market today.

Brokers who use Trucker Tools’ visibility solution receive automatic location data for trucks and their freight every five minutes, which means brokers and shippers know where freight is at all times, instead of relying on manual phone calls with carrier dispatchers or truckers for freight location information. As a result of Trucker Tools’ location data accuracy, ETAs are automatically adjusted in real-time and continually.

When they receive accurate visibility data from brokers, shippers can increase operational efficiency, often with significant fiscal results. Receiving ongoing, precise freight location information empowers shippers to better manage their human resources at specific docks, adjust dock schedules and plan for exceptions, all of which make it easier for shippers to manage costs.

Carriers: Added Value, Transparency in an Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Interface

Trucker Tools’ free driver mobile app is a powerful, multi-functional tool that more than 700,000 truckers and 130,000 carriers currently are using in their day-to-day operations. Unlike single-feature tracking programs and apps, Trucker Tools’ driver app does more than just track freight. The driver app helps carriers make their businesses more efficient and saves them valuable time. With the driver app, carriers have access to 16 different features and tools that provide information on rest stops, optimal routes, fuel prices, repair shops, detention time, parking and more. The Trucker Tools app also includes load tracking and load matching features.

At Trucker Tools, we recognize that truckers and trucking companies are the engines that run the transportation industry. Our goal is to create nimble, user-friendly solutions that harness the latest and greatest technology to benefit the single owner-operators and small carrier companies. We are also sensitive to privacy concerns and are fans of transparency. That is why we’ve designed the Trucker Tools’ driver app to notify the trucker every time location data is being accessed for freight tracking purposes. When a load is being tracked and location data is being shared with a broker/3PL through Trucker Tools’ driver app, truckers receive a notification on their smartphones to let them know that their location is being shared.

Brokers: Provide a Positive Carrier Experience, Reduce Check-Calls

Without active carrier participation, there can be no sustainable and reliable capacity, which is why the success of most brokerages often hinges on providing a positive carrier experience. Resistance to installing single-feature/single-load tracking apps is often high among carriers and owner-operators. When brokers ignore the carrier experience by asking carriers to use single-feature freight tracking programs that don’t provide added value to truckers and carriers, their businesses often suffer.

Brokers can win over carriers and establish a high quality, reliable carrier network by using technology-based solutions that carriers find beneficial and easy to use. Because Trucker Tools’ driver app is valuable in the daily operations of carriers, adoption rates of the app are often much higher than single-function visibility apps.

Trucker Tools’ popular driver app provides added value and transparency to carriers, while also delivering highly accurate visibility data to brokers. Brokerages and 3PLs who migrate to Trucker Tools’ visibility technology typically reduce check-call volume significantly because Trucker Tools’ automated freight tracking data is accurate. Users of Trucker Tools’ visibility technology typically realize a net efficiency gain as a result. This reduction in check-calls and access to better data allows brokers to provide better service to shippers and can increase the likelihood of repeat business with shippers.

Brokers who choose Trucker Tools’ highly accurate, trucker-centric driver app visibility solution are prioritizing the needs and goals of carriers and owner-operators. In the highly competitive freight capacity market of today, this matters. By choosing a visibility tool that is valuable to carriers, brokers can build and maintain a high-quality carrier network that is typified by mutual respect and trust — and that’s good for everyone.

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