November 1, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Integration Partner Highlight: Freight Management Systems

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We’re excited to name Freight Management Systems, Inc. as a new integration partner because of the company’s long-standing commitment to continuous improvement and helping its customers flourish. For the last 30 years, FMS has been providing logistics software solutions to trucking companies and freight brokers, forwarders and agents of all sizes. With an emphasis on helping transportation companies automate manual tasks and increase their profits, FMS offers several software solution options to its customers, including its flagship LOADPlus transportation management system.

Freight Management Services

The Power of the LOADPlus/Smart Capacity Integration

LOADPlus is a comprehensive logistics software solution that consolidates freight management, dispatch, CRM, human resources and accounting management processes in a single interface for greater efficiency. The TMS is available via a web browser or as a hosted service. LOADPlus is a scalable solution built to integrate with multiple third-party platforms so that transportation businesses can streamline their operations even further.

The integration between LOADPlus and Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity real-time carrier capacity and relationship management platform allows brokers and 3PLs to use a single interface for load tracking, capacity searches, load matching, dispatching and back-office accounting and onboarding processes. With the integration, the time spent on daily tasks is reduced significantly, giving brokers and 3PLs more time to book greater volume and build relationships with preferred shipper and carrier partners.

Accurate, Automated Load Tracking

When used in conjunction with Trucker Tools’ free mobile driver app, Smart Capacity empowers brokers and 3PLs to reduce or eliminate check calls to truckers/carrier dispatchers. Leveraging the power of the GPS technology native to the trucker’s smartphone, brokers and 3PLs receive highly accurate freight location updates from the driver app every five minutes, viewable directly from the LOADPlus TMS interface. Instant access to continuous, accurate freight location information allows brokers/3PLs to stay ahead of service issues and deliver top-tier customer service to shippers.

With Smart Capacity’s geofencing capabilities, load tracking can be completely automated so that when the truck approaches the shipper’s loading dock, load tracking automatically begins. When the truck leaves the receiver’s facility, load tracking automatically stops. Truckers receive a smartphone notification each time that load tracking starts and stops, providing them with complete load tracking transparency. Truckers always know when tracking is active and can see the broker/3PL name and load details associated with the tracking. This transparency can go a long way in building productive, long term relationships with preferred carrier partners.

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