October 30, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools’ Driver App Tracks the Load, Not the Trucker

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If you’re like most truckers, you no doubt have some strong opinions about freight tracking apps. Maybe you refuse to use tracking apps altogether because you feel like you never know when tracking starts and stops. Or you may use some freight tracking apps, but do so uneasily, always wondering if the location data pulled from the app will somehow be used against you. We get it. These are legitimate concerns. But it’s important to know that not all apps are the same.

Trucker Tools’ Transparent Load Tracking

Like you, we here at Trucker Tools believe that everyone has a right to their personal time and privacy. We feel that truckers already sacrifice a lot of things and privacy shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why our all-in-one driver app’s load tracking tool is designed to track the load, not you.

Trucker Tools’ driver app provides complete transparency to truckers. Any time that a broker wants to start a track, you receive a notification on your smartphone that invites you to start the track. In the notification, you can see who the broker is that is requesting to start the track with you, and you can view the load details directly in the app. You can go into the app at any time to see if you are currently being tracked.

The Power To Pause or Stop Load Tracking

From the beginning, Trucker Tools’ driver app has been an app made for truckers. We designed our free driver app to meet your needs as a trucker first. This approach is different from other apps that only track freight. These tracking-only apps were designed to primarily serve the needs of brokers, 3PLs and shippers — not necessarily to benefit you.

With Trucker Tools’ driver app, you have the power to pause or stop tracking altogether. That puts you, the driver, in the proverbial driver’s seat (sorry for the pun!). In all seriousness, when you have the ability to pause tracking, it puts you in control of load tracking. It’s also important to have that option available in case you don’t recognize the broker/shipper name associated with the load tracking.

17 Features and Tools That Simplify Your Life on the Road

In addition to a transparent load tracking tool, Trucker Tools’ driver app also includes

17 other highly sought after tools and features that help you streamline your daily tasks. The driver app puts information on truck stops, weigh scales, fuel prices, optimal routes, Walmart locations, traffic, weather, DOT locations and more right at your fingertips.

Instead of using seven or eight different apps to get this information, you can use Trucker Tools’ all-in-one driver app. Using Trucker Tools’ multifunctional driver app streamlines your daily operations and makes it easier for you to focus on the task at hand: delivering the load and booking your next one.

To learn more about the transparency of Trucker Tools’ driver app and how it compares with the other load tracking options your broker/shipper partners may ask you to use, read our blog “Trucker Tools’ Load Tracking Provides Transparency for Truckers.” To download our free driver app, visit

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