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August 10, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Integration Partner Highlight: Motive (formerly KeepTruckin’) ELD

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Being able to digitally track freight while it’s being transported is now an essential part of achieving success in the transportation industry. It’s clear that real-time, digital visibility strengthens the entire supply chain. For freight brokers and logistics providers, real-time digital freight visibility has become a core service offering that shippers rely upon to improve their decision making and better serve their own customers. If you’re a trucking company or owner operator, you often are required to use digital load tracking technology if you want to move a broker/3PL load.

Trucker Tools has partnered with nearly 90 leading ELD providers to give you the choices and tools you need to make digital load tracking as easy and pain-free as possible. Our newest integration partnership is with Motive, formerly Keep Truckin’, and the company’s flagship ELD, Motive Vehicle Gateway. This one-click integration allows carriers to get up and running with load tracking with Motive ELDs in a matter of seconds.

About Motive and the Motive ELD

Motive’s fleet management software is trusted by 120,000 fleets across the United States and Canada. The company’s fleet management technology encompasses GPS tracking, dashcams, ELD/HOS compliance, driver safety, truck maintenance, speed management, dispatch and workflow, and more. Motive’s software allows you to pull all of your operational data into a single platform to optimize warehouse pickup and drop-off times, automate vehicle pairing, remotely control refrigeration units, track vehicles and other assets, and to monitor speed, fuel, battery life, truck engines and more. With dedicated support and quick and easy setup, Motive’s fleet management is the ideal technology for streamlining your trucking business.

The Motive ELD puts ELD and HOS compliance, IFTA reporting and CSA insights in one digital place to help you stay compliant, prevent violations and reduce your operating costs. With the Motive Driver App, drivers can avoid HOS violations, complete log and inspection reports quickly, and speed up roadside inspections with the ELD’s inspection mode. Fleet managers can rely on the Motive ELD to resolve unidentified trips quickly and be notified of HOS violations in real-time. Drivers and fleets that use Motive’s ELD experience up to 50 percent fewer HOS violations and an up to 25 percent reduction in their insurance costs, while cutting the time they spend on compliance tasks in half. The Motive ELD is FMCSA-registered and also is certified for use in Canada.

Trucker Tools-Motive ELD Integration: One-Click Set-Up for Drivers and Fleets

The integration partnership between Trucker Tools and Motive (formerly Keep Truckin’) allows drivers like you to meet the load tracking needs of freight brokers and 3PLs without using a mobile app. When you haul a load for a broker or 3PL that uses Trucker Tools for digital load tracking and you’re a driver with a Motive ELD, you have two options: you can either track the load with the Trucker Tools driver app or with your Motive ELD. Of course, even if you don’t use Trucker Tools’ free driver app for load tracking, you can still use the app to find parking, weigh scales, rest areas, truck stops, food, repair shops and much more.

As a trucking company owner or fleet manager, this integration partnership means you can give your drivers a choice in how they track a load — either with the Trucker Tools app or with their Motive ELD — while meeting the visibility needs of the brokers and 3PLs with whom you work. Setting up load tracking for drivers with Motive ELDs is easy. Simply log into your Motive account, visit Motive’s marketplace and enable the integration with Trucker Tools with a single click. Enabling integration with Trucker Tools through Motive’s marketplace allows us to pull location data from the ELD into our load tracking platform for load visibility.

Trucker Tools-Motive ELD Integration: Benefits for Freight Brokers and Logistics Companies

For freight brokers and logistics companies, the integration partnership between Trucker Tools and Motive provides you with another digital load tracking option to offer carriers and their drivers. If, for example, a trucking company doesn’t allow its drivers to use mobile apps when they’re in the cab, you can give the carrier the option to track the load with the driver’s Motive ELD. When a load is tracked with a Motive ELD, you can view the real-time load tracking data from the ELD in Smart Capacity’s load tracking interface. With Motive ELD load tracking, you still have access to real-time load tracking data and can maintain service levels with shippers, while maintaining positive relationships with your carriers.

To learn more about the Motive ELD, visit

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