July 16, 2020 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Omnitracs ELD

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Trucker Tools is pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Omnitracs to bring you a platform integration that simplifies how you track loads. The integration between Trucker Tool’s real-time visibility platform and Omnitracs ELDs allows you to view truck locations in real-time, without ever needing to pick up the phone or open a new software program. With this integration, location data from Omnitracs’ ELDs is viewable directly in the Trucker Tools real-time freight visibility platform. You never have to wonder where that truck and load are located because you can view the real-time, GPS locations of freight in Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility interface. 

Omnitracs Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

Over the last 30 years, Omnitracs has become a trusted name within the trucking industry. Omnitracs, formerly known Qualcomm, was founded in 1988 to provide mobile communication systems to commercial trucking companies. In the years since its founding, Omnitracs has expanded its product and service offerings to include ELDs, in-cab video, asset management, driver management and fleet safety, as well as HOS, IFTA and DVIR compliance.   

Omnitracs has been designing, producing and supporting ELDs for the last 15 years, a true leader in the ELD field. The company’s durable, proven ELD technology is driver-friendly and easy-to-use. Omnitracs’ ELDs feature a touchscreen display, self-dimming screen, timely alerts and hands-free functionality, as well as cellular and satellite network options. Quick and easy installation make Omnitracs’ ELDs a favorite with truckers.

Integration with Trucker Tools’ Real-Time Visibility Platform

The integration between Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform and Omnitracs’ ELDs lets you view ELD-generated freight location updates directly in Trucker Tools’ visibility platform. With this integration, you don’t need to open up a new browser window or software program to quickly and easily see where trucks are located at any given time. Instead of waiting for a carrier dispatcher or trucker to answer the phone and provide a verbal load tracking update, you can watch the progress of trucks in real-time right on your computer screen.

Brokers and 3PLs who implement Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform typically reduce the number of check calls they make, increase visibility compliance and boost their operational efficiency. Visibility of more loads helps you strengthen your existing relationships with shippers and attract new customers, helping you diversify your shipper base. 

Actionable Insights — No Data Analysis Required

With Trucker Tools’ easy to use, real-time visibility platform, it’s easy for brokerage staff members to quickly see where freight is located in a matter of seconds and then react in real-time accordingly. You can view the locations of trucks and their freight in a list or map view and instantly see if a truck is being delayed or if it’s still slated to arrive on time. Trucker Tools presents location data in a user-friendly, easy to digest format that won’t confuse your staff members and that doesn’t require complex data analysis. 

The actionable insights provided by Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform ultimately help you make well-informed decisions and run your brokerage business better. Access to real-time visibility information makes it easier for you to provide shippers with accurate ETAs and to address any service issues that occur as they happen in real-time. Your ability to react in real-time to delays and unforeseen circumstances gives you (and your shippers) an edge over the competition and drives greater customer satisfaction.

Provide a Positive Carrier Experience with Trucker Tools’ All-in-One Free Driver App

As the market heats up, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing a positive experience for carriers. If you want to entice reliable, high-quality carriers to work with you, you have to think about what you bring to the table as a prospective partner to carriers. Just like you, owner operators, drivers and carriers want to minimize interruptions, have access to real-time data and reduce the time that they spend on manual activities in their work. You can provide that positive experience for carriers by giving them technology-based tools that save them time and money. 

Trucker Tools driver app is a free, all-in-one efficiency tool that is designed to simplify life on the road for truckers. We put everything that a trucker needs in one app. Trucker Tools’ free driver app includes 17+ tools and features that provide truckers with real-time information on fuel prices, routing, truck stops, rest areas, weigh scales, truck washes, medical facilities, parking, Wal-Mart locations, available loads and more. The driver app also automates and digitizes communications between brokers, carrier dispatchers and drivers, reducing check calls, manual emails and text messages for all those involved — making Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform a win for all segments of the supply chain.

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