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June 2020 Monthly Link Roundup – Carriers

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Happy Summer! It’s July, which means that we’re more than halfway through 2020, which is hard to believe. It’s been a roller coaster of a few months and we don’t blame you if you missed out on a few Trucker Tools blogs last month. This June Link Roundup gives you quick nuggets of wisdom and news from our favorite blogs of the month, including some great conversations with owner operators Trucker G, Rob Moore and Tamara Spivey. We also asked the question, “Are Load Boards Worth It” in our June blogs, and introduced new load search options in our free driver app that will help you quickly find and book loads with your favorite brokers. 

Here it is, folks: your June 2020 Monthly Link Roundup. 

Trucker G’s Tips for a Long, Successful Career in Trucking

With 28 years in the trucking industry, Trucker G has seen a lot come and go. We recently chatted with him to get his take on how to achieve longevity in the trucking industry. According to Trucker G, “trucking is a roller coaster” with its ups and downs and you’ve got to prepare for those down periods. He says it’s all about reducing your expenses and making a life on the road work for you, even when you’re missing family and friends back home. 

New Load Search Options Now Available in Trucker Tools’ Driver App

In the latest release of the Trucker Tools driver app, it’s easier than ever to see where reload opportunities are. You can search for loads by any location and by date, time, type of freight, weight and other factors. The Trucker Tools driver app shows you the best matches first, so you’re not wasting time on undesirable loads. You can even book loads instantly in Trucker Tools’ free driver app, which means you spend less time on booking loads and maximize your drive time.    

Owner Operator Rob Moore on DIY Repairs, Redneckanize and Why Trucking Is an Everyday Learning Experience

In our recent conversation with owner operator and Redneckanize co-founder Rob Moore, you’ll learn just how much money you could save by learning to do a few basic repairs to your truck yourself. Rob offers tips on getting started on DIY repairs and tells us how his previous experience as a mechanic has come in handy since he transitioned from being a company driver to an owner operator.  

Are Load Boards Worth it?

That’s the question we asked and answered in this blog. Of course, you have to consider that the cost of load boards is more than just the monthly subscription fees you pay to access them. You also have to include the drive time you lost when you spent two hours chasing down a load on a load board. In this blog, find out why you should be using Trucker Tool’s free driver app and load matching instead.

Owner Op Tamara Spivey on Truck Parking in Atlanta, Advice for New Drivers and the Value of Trucker Tools’ Driver App

Twenty years ago, Tamara Spivey was sitting in traffic one morning in Atlanta and saw a woman driving a U.S. Express truck. That inspired Tamara to leave behind her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant and become a trucker. In our recent interview with Tamara, she shares what she has learned in her 20-year journey in the industry since then and what she thinks veteran truckers can do to help new drivers. 

How to search and book loads with Trucker Tools mobile app

You read that correctly. You can search for loads and book them instantly in the free Trucker Tools driver app. In this blog, we give you step-by-step instructions for searching for loads by broker, date, lane, type of freight, weight and more. You’ll also get simple instructions on using Book-It-Now®, our fast load-booking tool, available for free in the Trucker Tool driver app.

Redneckanize Founders Talk Trucking’s Family Heritage, Tips for Long-Term Success

Trucker Tools had the good fortune to speak with Tiffini Springer and Ed Prince of Redneckanize, a trucker group focused on sharing common sense and do-it-yourself knowledge among owner operators. In our conversation, Tiffini and Ed shared how trucking runs in each of their families and how their fathers inspired them to get into the industry. They also offered their tips for staying successful for the long haul.

Looking to read more great interviews with truckers from all across the country? Check out Trucker Tools’ May Blog Roundup for interviews, as well as money-saving tips and a quick how-to on using our free driver app to find quality reloads.

To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app with 17+ tools and features that simplify your life on the road, visit  

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