June 20, 2020 | TruckerTools

May 2020 Monthly Link Roundup – Carriers

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Too busy to read all of our blogs? No problem, we got you covered with our monthly link roundup. In May, our blogs were all about giving you practical tips for increasing your revenue, maximizing efficiency and taking advantage of the 17+ free tools included in our free driver app. From the new reserved parking options in our driver app and our partnership with OTR Capital to advice on how to succeed as a team driver and business tips, Trucker Tools is all about helping you take your trucking business to the next level.

Here it is: our May 2020 blog roundup. 

How To Use the Load Tracking Feature in Trucker Tools’ Driver App

Check out this short blog post on how to use the real-time visibility tool included in Trucker Tools’ free driver app. We provide step-by-step directions and screenshots showing you how to accept a load track request or pause/cancel load tracking in the app. You’ll also learn how to communicate with brokers about the load directly from our driver app — no phone calls needed. 

Three Ways To Find Reloads with the Newest Version of Trucker Tools’ Free Driver App

We know that reloads are more important to you than ever when it comes to maximizing drive time and profits in the current market. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to identify reload opportunities in the newest, updated version of our free driver app. Check out three ways that Trucker Tools’ free driver app helps you find (and book) reloads quickly.  

The Best Things in Life Are Free — Including the 17+ Tools and Features in Trucker Tools’ Driver App

Trucker Tools’ all-in-one, free driver app is designed to help you save money on fuel, find and reserve overnight parking, and reduce your expenses when you’re on the road. Learn more about our newly-redesigned driver app and why our free driver app is more valuable than ever, even though it won’t cost you a thing. 

Three Tips for Small Carriers and Owner Operators on Staying Competitive, Profitable in the Current Market

In a recent interview with Trucker Tools, Wayne Campbell, host of The Driver’s Side, shared his insights on how you to have a long and productive career in the trucking industry. Drawing on his previous experience as an oilfield driver, lease purchase operator and team driver, Wayne offers three great tips for success.

What Is Trucker Tools?

Find out how each one of the 17+ features and tools in our free driver app are there because of feedback from truckers just like you. You’ll also learn about the driver app’s brand new options for finding, reserving and paying for overnight parking, and about our transparent, trucker-friendly load tracking. 

Integration Partner Highlight: SecūrSpace

All of us here at Trucker Tools are excited about our new partnership with SecūrSpace, a virtual marketplace that connects property owners who have available parking with people (like truckers) who need overnight or long-term parking. This partnership makes it possible for you to find, reserve and pay for overnight and long term parking directly in the Trucker Tools driver app. 

Tips for Team Driving from The Trucking Couple

Husband and wife Frank and Stephanie Rebelo work as team drivers in FedEx’s Custom Critical division. In this interview, they share advice on how to be successful as a team driver. Their recommendations include dividing duties equally and establishing a set driving schedule with your co-driver. For more tips, check out the full blog. 

Trucker Tools, OTR Capital Team Up to Extend Automated Load-Matching and One-Click Booking for Independent Truckers

Our new partnership with OTR Capital lets you access Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching and instant load booking tool Book It Now® from OTR’s online customer portal. Automated, one-click load booking reduces the time that you spend hunting down high-quality loads, which keeps you moving and making money.

Are you looking for more tips on how to find and book loads, and increase your revenue? Read our April 2020 Monthly Blog Roundup

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