May 13, 2020 | TruckerTools

What Is Trucker Tools?

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Launched in 2013 by founder and CEO Prasad Gollapalli, Trucker Tools connects owner-operators and trucking companies with freight brokers and logistics providers. Trucker Tools’ software solutions include Smart Capacity, a digital platform for brokers, and the Trucker Tools driver app, a free all-in-one smartphone driver app that simplifies life on the road for truckers. 

17+ Tools and Features That Keep You Moving and Save You Time (and Money!)

Instead of flipping between seven or eight different apps when you’re on the road, wouldn’t it be easier to use one app that has everything you need? Trucker Tools’ free driver app is designed to provide you with exactly that: all of the information that you need when you’re on the road, from information on nearby parking and open loads to fuel prices and rest areas. 

All 17+ of the tools and features that you see in Trucker Tools free driver app were developed based on feedback from truckers like you — and they’re designed to help you reduce downtime and increase drive time. Nearly 900,000 truckers have downloaded Trucker Tools’ free driver app and it’s easy to see why: our driver app can help you with every facet of your trucking business, from locating the best fuel prices, nearby weigh scales, optimal routes, food and supplies, and nearby hospitals to finding and quickly booking loads with your favorite brokers and reserving overnight parking. 

Build Positive Relationships with Brokers and 3PLs

It’s essential to build strategic relationships with brokers and 3PLs who move the kinds of freight you want to haul. One way to build strong, positive relationships with brokers and 3PLs is to use technology that helps them run their businesses more efficiently. There are several tools included in Trucker Tools’ free driver app that can help brokers, in addition to helping you out on the road. 

The load tracking feature included in our driver app allows brokers and 3PLs to automate load tracking, which means fewer check-calls for you and them. For your peace of mind, the visibility tool included in Trucker Tools’ driver app is transparent: you always know when tracking starts and stops and who is receiving the information. Another tool in Trucker Tools’ driver app that can help you strengthen partnerships with brokers is Book-It-Now. With Book-It-Now, you can book broker loads right from the Trucker Tools driver app — no phone calls needed. Automated load booking helps both you and brokers reduce the time spent on finalizing load/truck bookings.

New Features Based on Feedback from Truckers

One of the reasons so many truckers have downloaded and use Trucker Tools’ driver app is that we continue to add new tools and features to the app based on feedback from the trucking community. Several times each year, Trucker Tools holds customer advisory board meetings with truckers and surveys truckers to find out what we’re doing right and to learn more about how we can do better. We make changes to the Trucker Tools driver app based on feedback from you and your fellow truckers.

Recently, Trucker Tools’ announced new integrations with TruckPark and SecūrSpace. Our partnerships with these two great companies will allow you to find, reserve and pay for overnight and long-term parking directly in our driver app. These partnerships were made because we kept hearing that finding safe and secure overnight parking is a real problem for truckers. At Trucker Tools, we listen to what you need and always do our best to deliver it.

To learn more about the newest version of Trucker Tools’ driver app, read The Best Things in Life Are Free — Including the 17+ Tools and Features in Trucker Tools’ Driver App.

Download Trucker Tools’ driver app.

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