May 14, 2020 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: 3PL Systems

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Increasing the operational efficiency of your brokerage helps you compete with larger companies who may have more resources at their disposal and bigger budgets. Boosting operational efficiency also is one of the most effective ways to generate more revenue for your freight brokerage. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with 3PL Systems, an innovative software solutions provider dedicated to delivering solutions that make your business as efficient and successful as possible.

In our newest partnership, we’re joining forces with 3PL Systems to provide freight brokers like you with dispatch, carrier management, accounting, real-time visibility, real-time load/capacity matching, and automated load booking capabilities in a single, easy to use interface. This powerful integration can increase the efficiency of your operations and enhance the level of service that you provide to shippers.

3PL Systems’ Brokerware

3PL Systems’ flagship solution is its Brokerware transportation management system. Designed specifically for freight brokers, Brokerware simplifies how you manage LTL, TL, Intermodal and other types of shipments. With Brokerware, you can create customized reports, generate shipper quotes, dispatch shipments, produce invoices, document communications and secure truck capacity with efficiency.

Brokerware’s dispatch and operations center allows you to manage the complete life cycle of a freight shipment, from creating rate quotes for shippers and booking freight to accounting and issuing carrier agreements, BOLs and invoices. Brokerware’s carrier safety management feature can help you build a high-quality network of carriers. With this feature, you receive updates on a carrier’s operating authority, inspections, insurance certification and safety automatically, which means you don’t have to manually research individual carriers. Also included in 3PL Systems’ Brokerware TMS is a customer portal through which your shippers can access quotes, bookings and freight tracking.

Real-Time Visibility, All-in-One Carrier-Friendly App

Brokerware’s integration with Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform delivers carrier-centric freight tracking that helps you meet your shippers visibility expectations. Leveraging the GPS technology of the trucker’s smart phone, Trucker Tools’ recently updated free driver app sends you real-time truck location updates every five minutes, updates that you can view directly in Brokerware. With the real-time visibility provided by Trucker Tools, you can provide your shippers with the real-time, accurate load tracking data they need, while reducing the number of check calls you make to drivers and carrier dispatchers.

The real-time visibility tool included in Trucker Tools’ driver app addresses two of the primary concerns that carriers have about digital load tracking: value and privacy. In contrast to single function mobile apps that are designed solely to track freight, the Trucker Tools driver app includes a robust visibility tool along with 17 other tools and features that simplify life on the road for truckers. With our all-in-one driver app, truckers can quickly and easily access information on weigh scales, fuel pricing, rest areas, truck stops, Wal-Mart locations, available loads, routing, restaurants, parking, weather and more with a few taps on their smart phones.

The transparency of Trucker Tools’ visibility tool gives carriers peace of mind about load tracking, as well. With Trucker Tools’ visibility tool, truckers must actively accept load tracking to start tracking. Any time that load tracking is on, the driver receives a notification that includes who is receiving the load tracking data and the details on the associated load. Carriers can easily pause or cancel load tracking directly from the app.

Because we’ve designed the Trucker Tools driver app to address these carrier concerns, carriers often are more likely to actively use and keep our driver app on their phones. Brokers who use our real-time visibility solution typically gain visibility of more loads and reduce check calls as a result.

Fast Capacity Searches, Automated Load Booking

The integration between 3PL Systems and Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform reduces the amount of time that you spend finding and booking trucks. You can quickly access Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform to search for truck capacity quickly within your network of preferred carriers according to date(s), lane(s), type of freight, weight and other factors. Instead of fielding calls and emails from carriers or posting loads to load boards, you can locate truck capacity in a matter of seconds right from Brokerware’s interface.

Also included in the integration is Book-It-Now, Trucker Tools’ automated load booking tool that lets carriers book your open loads directly from the Trucker Tools driver app. Book-It-Now can eliminate back and forth phone calls with carrier dispatchers regarding load availability, rates and booking details, providing a significant boost in operational efficiency for your brokerage. You choose which loads are listed as Book-It-Now loads and which carriers can use Book-It-Now. When a carrier books your Book-It-Now load in our driver app, the appointment is automatically scheduled in Brokerware and the driver (and dispatcher) receive an automated email that confirms the booking.

You can learn more about 3PL Systems and Brokerware by visiting

For more on Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching and automated load booking, read Book-It-Now for Brokers or schedule a demo with our sales team.

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