October 8, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Integration Partner Highlight: Rise Up with Ascend TMS

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AscendTMS has the highest number of active users of any TMS in the world, making it the world’s most popular TMS software. With good reason. AscendTMS is a cloud-based TMS that requires no IT staff, installations, hardware or contracts. It’s suitable for businesses of any scale, from start-ups to established brokers, 3PLs and shippers. AscendTMS offers dispatch control, document management, and finance and accounting tools.

The integration between AscendTMS and Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform gives you (as the broker, 3PL or shipper) access to powerful load tracking, load matching, and carrier management capabilities. You can view Smart Capacity’s real-time capacity, visibility, and carrier information directly in the TMS.

What makes Smart Capacity’s tools so effective is that Trucker Tools’ free driver app powers them. More than 725,000 truckers and 135,000 carriers have downloaded the Trucker Tools driver app. Carriers like our driver app because it does so much. Instead of just tracking loads, Trucker Tools’ driver app provides truckers with 17+ features and tools in one place that simplify life on the road.

Of those features, load tracking and load matching are standouts for brokers. The load tracking feature in Trucker Tools’ driver app tracks the precise location of the truck using the GPS technology native to the trucker’s smartphone. The location data is displayed in the AscendTMS interface through its integration with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity. As a broker or 3PL, you can track loads with precision. The trucker’s location is also updated every five minutes so that you always have visibility. Enable automated load tracking for a major efficiency boost.

With the integration, you can easily identify open loads with your preferred carrier partners and book reloads in a single conversation with a carrier. Instead of relying on load boards, multiple emails and phone calls to secure capacity, streamline capacity searches and load bookings with the AscendTMS/Smart Capacity integration. When you need to scale up your capacity, turn to the Trucker Tools’ 750,000-strong trucker network, which includes a high number of owner-operators and microcarriers.

If you’d like to learn more about our integration partner AscendTMS, visit

To learn more about Smart Capacity’s AscendTMS integration and how Smart Capacity can dramatically increase productivity and revenue for your business, schedule your free Trucker Tools demo.

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