October 9, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools’ Driver App Delivers More Than One-Trick Pony Tracking Apps

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If you’re an owner-operator or trucking company owner, you’re already familiar with one-trick pony tracking apps. One-trick pony apps are the apps that your shipper and broker customers ask you to use for tracking freight. They often don’t work and instead of making things more efficient, they leave you or your staff members with more work to do, not less. We call them one-trick ponies because they are designed to do one thing only: track freight.

The good news is that we have an alternative that works better, is free and can increase your revenue.

All-in-One App Designed for Truckers

Trucker Tools’ free driver app includes 17+ practical, highly sought-after features and tools that simplify your life on the road. With our free driver app, you get information on truck stops, fuel prices, optimal routes, weigh scales, weather, traffic, Walmart locations and more. Instead of dealing with seven or eight different apps during your day, you can use one all-in-one app that puts all the information you need at your fingertips. Using one app instead of several is a time-saver, which helps increase drive time.

Trucker Tools’ driver app also includes a powerful find loads feature that makes searching for open loads with your preferred brokers fast and efficient. Instead of exchanging phone calls, texts and emails with brokers about whether they have open loads, you can find out with a few taps in the driver app. Our driver app will even suggest loads based on your location and load history. The load finding tool included with Trucker Tools’ driver app ultimately streamlines how you do business and can increase efficiency and revenue in a big way.

Accurate, Automated Load Tracking That Brokers Will Appreciate

And if that’s not enough, did we mention that one of the other tools included in Trucker Tools’ driver app is a highly accurate, reliable load tracking tool that your broker and 3PL partners will love? It’s true.

The location accuracy of the GPS technology in your smartphone is accurate within a 16-foot radius under clear skies. Our driver app’s load tracking tool uses the accuracy of your smart phone’s GPS to provide your broker and 3PL partners the precise, continuous load tracking they want. Your broker/3PL receives an update on your location every five minutes, which reduces the number of calls you make or take on a single load. Fewer check calls with brokers mean you can concentrate on driving and finding that next load or getting home to your family.

Know When You’re Being Tracked, By Who and for What Load

Another important difference between Trucker Tools’ driver app and the one-trick pony tracking apps that brokers often want you to use is transparency. With single-feature tracking-only apps, it can be difficult for you to tell who is tracking your location when, for what load, and for how long.

At Trucker Tools, we respect your privacy and think you should know when your location is being shared. That’s why we’ve designed Trucker Tools’ driver app to send you a notification any time that load tracking starts and stops. When load tracking is on, you can see who is receiving your location information and for what load. You also have the power to pause or stop load tracking yourself directly from the Trucker Tools’ driver app.

Start the Conversation with Your Broker, 3PL Partners

Don’t be shy about telling your brokers what you want. Tell them that you want to use technology that you like and that makes your life easier — and that can also give them more visibility. If they ask you to use a one-trick pony mobile app that just does tracking, tell them you’re using Trucker Tools’ driver app and that they need to adapt to your technology. The driver app integrates with most transportation management systems and freight tracking software, so there’s no reason for them not to.

Don’t wait until you have a load with your brokers to have this conversation. If you talk to them today, the sooner you’ll be on your way to fewer calls, greater efficiency, and more revenue.

You can learn more about how Trucker Tools’ driver app can increase efficiency and revenue for your trucking business by reading How Trucker Tools’ Driver App Is Simplifying Life on the Road for One Trucker.

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