October 10, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Tips on Using Trucker Tools’ Driver App To Make Your Owner-Operator or Small Trucking Business More Profitable

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This blog is inspired by our recent conversation with owner-operator Tamara Brock. Tamara talked to us about how she uses Trucker Tools’ driver app to simplify her life on the road and increase her drive time. She had so many great ideas about using Trucker Tools’ driver app to work more efficiently that we wanted to unpack a few of the things she discussed. Check out these Tamara-inspired tips on how to use Trucker Tools’ driver app to make your business more efficient.

Say Goodbye to Monthly Subscription Fees, Multiple Apps with Trucker Tools’ Free Driver App

There are several mobile apps available that can provide you with information on fuel prices, rest stops, weigh scales, truck stops, repair centers and open loads. But many of these mobile apps require you to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the information. These apps also each usually have limited functionality, which means you have to use several different apps to get all of the information that you need on the road. If you use four or five truck stops or other apps on a routine basis, monthly subscription costs can quickly add up.

Trucker Tools’ all-in-one driver app is different because it’s free. It also puts more than 17 of the most sought-after, practical features and tools right at your fingertips. Instead of spending $50 or more each month on app subscriptions, use the Trucker Tools free driver app to access information on truck stops, fuel prices, rest areas, available loads, repair centers, weigh scales, truck washes, weather, traffic, DOT locations, Walmart store locations, nearby hospitals and more.

Trucker Tools’ free driver app not only reduces your spend on monthly app subscription fees — it eliminates the amount of time you spend opening, closing and navigating through multiple apps. Less time spent on multiple apps translates into more time for driving and finding your next load.

Trucker Tools Simplifies Load Tracking, Reduces Calls to Brokers

As Tamara pointed out in her interview, most mobile apps that just track freight don’t actually reduce the number of times that you have to call the broker. Even when you do install and use single-feature tracking apps, brokers still call you multiple times or require that you call them several times before, after and during a load.

In addition to the features discussed above, Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app includes a powerful freight tracking tool that automates load tracking for you and your broker partners. When you approach the shipper’s loading dock for pickup, the broker is automatically notified that you’ve arrived at the shipper’s dock. The broker receives updates on your location through the haul and also is notified once you leave the receiver’s facility. With the Trucker Tools driver app, Tamara has been able to reduce the number of check-calls she makes to brokers for each load from four to five calls to on average two calls. Reducing check-calls means more time driving, finding the next load and getting paid.

It’s worth noting that the load tracking feature in Trucker Tools’ driver app notifies you any time that your location is being shared. You always know when, with whom, for how long and for what load your location is shared with a broker, shipper or 3PL. You also can pause or stop load tracking as needed from the driver app. Tracking-only apps rarely provide you with such transparency or control over how and when your location information is shared.

Efficient Load Searches, Load Booking with Trucker Tools’ Driver App

As an owner-operator or small trucking company, you can sink hours of your time into looking for loads. Using daily phone calls, emails and load board searches to manually find loads can be a major efficiency drain that leaves you less time for hauling freight and making money. The Trucker Tools driver app includes a find loads tool that makes it easy for you to search for the loads you prefer with your favorite brokers. The find loads feature suggests loads based on your load history and location and simplifies finding quality reloads, as well.

You can even book loads directly through the Trucker Tools driver app for loads that are designated as Book-It-Now loads. When you see a load listing with a Book-It-Now button at a rate you like, simply tap on Book It to book the load immediately. If you want to submit a quote for a different rate, select Quotes to offer a quote to the broker/3PL through the driver app.

The Trucker Tools driver app is designed to simplify life on the road, help you run your business better and save you money. Could your business benefit from greater efficiency?

If so, get started today by downloading Trucker Tools’ free driver app.

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