October 14, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Winning in a digital world: How to turn the technology revolution to your advantage, and why all visibility apps are not equal

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Freight brokers have two customers:  the beneficial owner of the freight, and the owner of the truck moving the load.  Both have the same desires: give me real-time visibility into an available load or shipment in transit, be process efficient and technology-friendly, and support my carriers and customers.

Technology is the key. But, not all technologies functions are built the same or deliver accurate results – especially when it comes to load tracking and tracing.  The old mantra of “buyer beware” has never been truer with visibility technologies. 

What this session will examine

  • The difference between “app-less” and “app-based” tracking. What you need to know to make an informed decision; why one technology strategy is winning over the other.
  • Driver compliance.  Truck drivers are suffering from “app overload” and are ever more suspicious of and resistant to tech firms demanding they adopt that firm’s dedicated, specific tracking app.  What are the keys to trucker engagement and preventing that resistance? How do you go from 30% tracking compliance to over 90%?
  • Broker of choice. How do you become the carrier’s preferred broker? Engage your trucking providers over smartphone connected, GPS-enabled digital platforms that save time, get them more quality loads faster, increase revenue per truck, and help both of you make more money.
  • Building a sustainable capacity network. Independent, one-truck owner-operators and “micro-carries” of 10 trucks or less represent 80% of truckload capacity and are the backbone of the industry. Learn how today’s advanced mobile-based, digital platforms and “all in one” apps dramatically improve the driver experience, reduce manual work, enable predictive freight-matching, provide timesaving, automated “Book-It-Now” tools, and enhance carrier relations and trucker tracking success.

Featured Speakers:

  • Adrian Gonzalez, President, Adelante SCM
  • Shaun Beardall, VP of brokerage services, England Logistics
  • Prasad Gollapalli, Founder and CEO, Trucker Tools

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