November 4, 2022 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Verizon Connect ELD

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Trucker Tools’ Integration Partner

Time really is money in the transportation business, which is why Trucker Tools partners with other leading technology providers in the industry. We know that when our technology can “talk” to other technologies, it saves valuable time and everyone wins – including freight brokers, 3PLs, drivers, carriers and shippers. 

Trucker Tools’ broker load tracking platform Smart Capacity integrates with 89 different electronic logging devices, giving drivers and carriers the option to track loads with ELDs in addition to tracking loads with the Trucker Tools driver app. Our newest ELD partnership is with Verizon Connect. This integration partnership allows drivers and carriers to track loads using Verizon Connect ELDs when hauling loads for freight brokers and 3PLs that use Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity for digital load tracking purposes. If you’re a freight broker or 3PL, this integration means you can view the real-time location of a load tracked with a Verizon Connect ELD right in the Smart Capacity interface.  

About Verizon Connect’s All-in-One ELD

Verizon Connect’s all-in-one ELD solution simplifies ELD compliance and helps drivers stay productive. It only takes a few clicks in the ELD’s companion mobile app for a driver to get the ELD hardware set up and running. This FMCSA-compliant ELD helps drivers avoid roadside inspection penalties and violations by providing them with proactive alerts. Verizon Connect’s ELD system has a 99.9 percent system uptime, includes 24/7 driver support and is backed by the Verizon network, the most reliable network in the country according to IHS Markit. 

The Verizon Connect ELD gives fleet managers access to daily logs, HOS status, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and violation alerts, helping them monitor and reduce violations and fines. Fleet managers can use DVIRs to forecast routine repairs and maintenance to stay ahead of potential mechanical issues. Automatic driving status updates allow fleet managers to monitor driver behaviors and reduce spend on idling reports. Verizon Connect ELD integrates with the Verizon Connect fleet management system, which was ranked number one for features and ease of use in an ABI Research Competitive Assessment.

Drivers: Easy Setup with Verizon Connect ELD 

If you’re a driver using the Verizon Connect ELD, you can connect your ELD to Trucker Tools in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks/taps on your smart phone. Once your Verizon Connect ELD is connected with Trucker Tools, freight brokers and logistics companies that use Trucker Tools for load tracking will be able to track loads that you transport via your ELD. Tracking loads with your ELD is a great option if you’re not comfortable with app-based load tracking or the trucking company that you run loads with doesn’t allow you to use apps on live loads. Don’t forget, there are 17+ other features included in the Trucker Tools driver app that you can use beyond load tracking. You can use the app for trip planning and to find the cheapest fuel, parking, truck stops, rest areas, food, weigh scales and more.

If you’re a carrier owner or fleet manager, the integration partnership between Trucker Tools and the Verizon Connect ELD lets you give your drivers choices about how they track loads. They can choose to either track the load for the broker/3PL with the Trucker Tools driver app or with their Verizon Connect ELD. Giving your drivers multiple options when it comes to load tracking can go a long way in maintaining positive relationships with them. 

Freight Brokers/3PLs: View Verizon Connect ELD Tracked Loads in Smart Capacity

As a freight broker or logistics company, this integration partnership means you have another load tracking option to offer carriers and drivers. Each driver has different preferences and each carrier has different policies around digital load tracking. If a driver or carrier can’t or won’t use the Trucker Tools driver app for load tracking, you can offer the option of tracking the load with the driver’s Verizon Connect ELD. 

When a driver/carrier opts to track a load with their Verizon Connect ELD, you’ll be able to view the real-time location of the load in real-time within the Smart Capacity interface (or in your TMS), even though the location data is coming from the driver’s ELD. Having this additional load tracking option ultimately allows you to meet your shippers’ visibility needs, while honoring the preferences of carriers and drivers.

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