September 12, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Join Trucker Tools at the 2019 Trimble/TWM Systems in.sight User Conference + Expo

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On September 15-18, the Trucker Tools team will be in attendance at the 2019 in.sight User Conference + Expo in Houston, Texas, hosted by TMW Systems and its parent company, Trimble. The expo brings together transportation industry professionals and users of TMW Systems’ software from across the country. Expo attendees are invited to attend more than 350 educational sessions and experience the latest technology the industry has to offer in its exhibition hall. Networking events also will be held throughout the four-day expo.

Learn How Trucker Tools’ Load Tracking Can Increase Freight Visibility, Efficiency and Shipper Satisfaction

Even though most shippers want start-to-finish, continuous freight visibility, it’s a service-offering that brokers and third-party logistics providers often struggle to provide. Despite advances in technology, brokers and 3PLs may feel like they cannot count on most freight tracking platforms to deliver. Many brokers/3PLs still use manual check-calls to truckers or their dispatchers to monitor freight while it is in transit.

The problem with many freight-tracking solutions available in the market today is that the location data they provide is not always accurate and often not continuous. Some visibility solutions show freight delivered when it’s still en route or only provide intermittent location data to brokers. Trucker Tools’ load tracking solution utilizes the GPS technology of the trucker’s smartphone to share location data with brokers. Location data is updated every five minutes so that brokerage/logistics staff members have continuous visibility.

Most freight-tracking solutions are also single-feature apps or software that only track freight. Because they don’t provide any additional efficiency gains or value to carriers, carriers are often reluctant to adopt these tracking-only technologies. The average tracking compliance success rate in the industry is only 30 percent, which means that on average, brokers only have visibility on 30 out of every 100 loads.

Trucker Tools’ load tracking solution is built into the Trucker Tools mobile driver app as one of the 18 highly practical, easy to use features included in the app. The driver app aggregates data from multiple sources, providing carriers with a single source for information on weather, traffic, truck stops, truck washes, parking, fuel prices, optimal routes, repair shops, available loads and detention time.

Since it offers them multiple tools in a single app, truckers generally adopt the Trucker Tools’ driver app at higher rates than they do other visibility solutions. Greater adoption means more loads are tracked, which increases tracking compliance success rates considerably. Brokers and 3PLs who use the load tracking solution included with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity real-time carrier capacity and relationship management platform typically achieve tracking compliance success rates between 70 and 90 percent, more than double the industry average. 

Streamline Capacity Searches, Load Booking with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity is a capacity and relationship management platform that provides broker/3PL users with a real-time view of available trucks — for today and into the future. Brokers can eliminate hours spent sending and reviewing mass emails to/from carriers by using Smart Capacity’s powerful search and predictive load matching capabilities to find high-quality capacity. Smart Capacity’s targeted searches allow you to search for capacity within a private network that offers accurate, reliable truck availability data.

“One load wonders” are common in the industry, even though they’re inefficient for both brokers/3PLs and carriers. The connection that Smart Capacity creates between brokers and carriers helps reduce single-load transactions with carriers. Brokers/3PLs who use Smart Capacity in conjunction with carriers using Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app can book multiple loads and reloads in a single communication with relative ease. This ability to book multiple loads at once is an efficiency gain for both brokers and carriers — and it helps build relationships with preferred carrier partners

In early 2019, Trucker Tools launched a powerful new load booking tool called Book It Now that automates load booking. With Book It Now, brokers/3PLs can designate and post freight loads and rates and give carriers the option to book the load directly through the driver app. When the trucker/carrier dispatcher books your load through Book It Now, the load is automatically booked in your TMS via an integration between the TMS and Trucker Tools. Once the load is booked in the TMS, the carrier receives an automated email confirmation that includes the details of the load and opportunities for reloads.

With features that are created to automate communications and simplify load search/booking processes, Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and mobile driver app strengthen relationships between brokers/3PL and carriers — while providing greater efficiency for all.

Visit Trucker Tools’ booth #709 at the 2019 in.sight User Conference + Expo in Houston, Texas, hosted by TMW Systems, Sept. 15-18. Our booth is located near the Network Lounge in the exhibition hall. Stop by our booth and ask us about our highly-accurate load tracking and predictive load matching solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and its companion mobile driver app, schedule a free demo.

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