September 23, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Genpro Leveraging Trucker Tools Partnership To Increase Capacity Volume, Grow Carrier Networks and Boost Efficiency

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For the last 30 years, freight brokerage and logistics service provider Genpro has been providing integrated shipper and carrier solutions to food producers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers and other manufacturers in the U.S. domestic market. Genpro’s flexible model lets shippers and carriers partner with Genpro in a meaningful way and drive true value to its operations and supply chain.

In a recent webinar with Trucker Tools, Genpro’s VP of Operations and Strategy Russ Bowen spoke about the value of the company’s partnerships with Trucker Tools and its strategic partner, MercuryGate. MercuryGate’s transportation management system and Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity have helped Genpro gain greater capacity visibility. The result is greater capacity volume, increased carrier adoption, and growth of its preferred carrier network.

Genpro Partners with Trucker Tools to Address Capacity Visibility and Operational Efficiency

Visibility compliance is typically less than 30 percent for most freight brokers and third-party logistics providers. Low carrier adoption of freight capacity technology, the proliferation of single-load transactions with carriers and the operational inefficiency of using multiple sources to find capacity often contribute to low visibility compliance. According to Bowen, one of the most significant challenges faced by Genpro was how to gain better visibility of capacity, both in-network and out of network, and how to do so efficiently.

Based on these capacity challenges, Trucker Tools’ strategic partner, MercuryGate, who is also Genpro’s TMS provider, recommended an integration with Trucker Tools. Bowen says Genpro ultimately chose Trucker Tools as its partner for several key reasons. The first was that Trucker Tools’ had an existing partnership and integration with MercuryGate, which would make implementation smoother and faster. The clean, easy to use, intuitive user interface of Smart Capacity also helped Genpro choose Trucker Tools, as did the Trucker Tools’ team, who Bowen said impressed Genpro with a strong commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration. From the beginning, Trucker Tools has been a partner to Genpro, not just a vendor, said Bowen. I

Trucker Tools’ Aggregated Capacity Data and User-friendly Interface Augments Efficiency

The Trucker Tools team worked with Genpro and its staff onsite to understand Genpro’s operations and address existing operational efficiencies, ensuring smooth integration and implementation. After going live with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and rolling out the mobile driver app to its carrier networks, Genpro quickly saw results. With integration to MercuryGate’s TMS, Genpro’s staff can view uncovered/open loads easily, reducing the time spent on identifying open loads.

Prior to its implementation of Trucker Tools, Genpro pursued freight capacity manually via load boards, carrier reviews, searching its own carrier database and/or procuring capacity data from other databases. Today, with the integration between Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and MercuryGate, Genpro staff members can view and search for capacity using a single source: its Trucker Tools-powered TMS.

With better insight into real-time capacity, Genpro’s staff can book multiple loads with carriers on a single phone call, which greatly reduces the time spent on finding capacity. As a result, Genpro has been better able to cross-utilize its carrier networks.

Carrier Adoption, Real-time Capacity Data Drive Capacity Volume and Efficiency Gains

In collaboration with the Trucker Tools’ team, Genpro has raised its carrier adoption rate, as well. Six months after implementing the integration between its MercuryGate TMS and Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity, Genpro has achieved an approximate 25 percent increase in carrier adoption. Bowen noted that some of Genpro’s carriers were already using Trucker Tools’ mobile driver app and Smart Capacity platform, which helped simplify the implementation.

With more carriers opting in, Genpro was able to increase its in-network capacity visibility by 500 percent. Without adding any additional staff members, making it a significant efficiency gain. With greater in-network and out-of-network capacity visibility, Genpro notably has increased capacity volume by 7 to 10 percent, exceeding projected growth. Genpro’s capacity volume is likely to continue to increase as more carriers and truckers continue to adopt Trucker Tools’ solutions — approximately 20,000 new truckers are adopting the Trucker Tools mobile app each month.

When looking for a solution to complement its MercuryGate’s TMS, Genpro was seeking a partner with an intelligent platform, cultural belief system rooted in continuous improvement and a simple all-inclusive pricing structure. In Trucker Tools, Genpro found all three and a way to build reliable, sustainable capacity to continue its ongoing growth.

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