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Leveraging Digital Freight Tools to Build Carrier Loyalty

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In today’s high-demand, capacity constrained market carriers are rejecting sometimes as many as 8 in 10 loads offered. How can brokers stand out and win and secure the critical capacity their customers need? By being ultra-responsive, easy to do business with, and providing effective digital tools that help truckers save time and keep them rolling and generating revenue.

Yet deciding what new digital tools to embrace is the challenge – especially when as a broker you’re already invested in a TMS platform. The strategy: engage with your TMS to add purpose-designed new tools that complement current functionality and address the carrier’s main pain points. 

That’s the goal that Omar Singh, president of Surge Transportation, pursued when he partnered with McLeod Software to pilot — and eventually launch – Trucker Tools and automated one-click booking and visibility in PowerBroker®, Surge’s primary TMS.

What does it take to secure reliable, repeat capacity?

In order to set yourself apart from other brokerages, you need to develop solid relationships with your carriers so that you become a broker of choice and can keep moving freight easily.

Omar Singh from Surge Transportation mentions the importance of carrier relationships and why you should treat carrier sales the same way as customer sales. Omar shares Surge’s strategy in maintaining his carrier network such as quickpay options, good service, covering unloading fees, and having a culture that carriers appreciate and can rely on.

“You can have all the customers in the world, but if you don’t have carriers then you can’t keep moving your freight.” – Omar Singh, President, Surge Transportation

What do carriers expect from their broker partners today?

Trucker Tools has spoken with many carriers over the years and there are consistencies in what they look for from their broker partners.

Prasad Gollapalli from Trucker Tools discusses the main things that carriers look for such as transparency, reliable and consistent freight, and a level of trust that they expect from their brokers. As a broker, if you are able to provide these things, then your carriers will remain in your network and become a reliable resource for you to move your freight.

What factors led you to select Trucker Tools?

Digital transformation is affecting everyone in the transportation industry. To keep up with the industry and gain a competitive advantage, you need to look into where you want your brokerage to be in the future and select a digital technology that will help you meet those goals.

Omar from Surge Transportation shares why they selected Trucker Tools to be their digital technology and how the Book It Now® integration has been the biggest milestone investment for them. Since implementing Trucker Tools, Surge has gained more visibility to capacity, reduced manual processes, and developed better relationships with carriers with the Book It Now® automated load booking tool.

What are some important factors to consider when selecting a freight matching and real-time load visibility partner?

As a broker, you need digital technology to help you grow your business and meet the needs of your shippers and carriers.

Prasad Gollapalli from Trucker Tools discusses the 5 things that you should look for when selecting a digital technology partner, such as:

  • Adopt to technology that will improve the lives of your carriers
  • Invest in an all-in-one solution so you only need to invest in one platform
  • Find a vendor that will adapt to your strategy and work with you to meet your goals
  • Work with a vendor or partner that has great customer support
  • Your technology partner should be constantly innovating to meet your needs

What are the benefits you have achieved by leveraging technology?

Omar Singh from Surge Transportation discusses the main benefits he has seen since implementing technology in his brokerage and the number one benefit they have seen is securing capacity faster. He also shares his strategy behind how the company is able to do this especially when the market is high and capacity is tighter.

What’s next for Surge Transportation’s digital transformation journey?

Omar Singh from Surge Transportation dives into his strategy in the coming years to bring all their digital platforms full circle by integrating them all together so that they are truly using an all-in-one platform.

He also discusses how their business has succeeded by adopting to technology from vendors that are professionals in the field rather than trying to develop technology on their own and how that strategy has helped grow their brokerage.  

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