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Meet Tracy Neill, Trucker Tools’ Director of Marketing

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In this ongoing blog series, we’re introducing you to individual members of the Trucker Tools team. These folks are the engine that makes Trucker Tools run, providing brokers, 3PLs, carriers and drivers like you with what you need to run a profitable business. In this new employee spotlight, you’ll have the pleasure of getting to know Tracy Neill, Trucker Tools’ Director of Marketing. Before being promoted to director of marketing, Tracy held the role of marketing specialist with Trucker Tools. When she’s not working, Tracy enjoys playing sports, traveling and scuba diving off the coast of places such as Cozumel, Egypt, the Galapagos Islands and Indonesia.

Read on to learn more about Tracy, why she loves being part of the Trucker Tools team and what she loves so much about scuba diving and traveling.

Name: Tracy Neill

Title: Director of Marketing

Hometown: Fairfax, Va.

First Concert: Shania Twain

Favorite Animal: Sea turtle

What You May Not Know About Tracy: She wishes she could be a mermaid.

Pet: Finn, the dog

Tracy’s Work as Director of Marketing

“I oversee all marketing for Trucker Tools,” said Tracy. “That means that I am in charge of growing the Trucker Tools brand, including bringing in qualified leads and developing campaigns to inform customers and prospective customers of what we do and how we can help them. We do that with email campaigns, trade shows, webinars and more. With it being such a small company, I work directly with all of the other teams in the company, which is nice. I also work with and manage the Trucker Tools marketing team.”

Tracy’s Favorite Thing About Being a Member of the Trucker Tools Team

“My favorite part about working here is that even though we’re a small company, we’ve done a really good job at establishing ourselves as one of the top brands in the industry,” said Tracy. “I also like being part of a small company where you get to talk to everyone. We’re able to develop really good relationships internally, which goes hand in hand with the service that we’re able to provide to our customers. We all know each other here well and when a customer needs something, we can just go directly to whomever we need. We know exactly where we need to go and we’re able to get anything that the customer needs done in a timely manner, which has been a huge part of establishing ourselves in the industry. I’ve worked for a big corporation before where I only knew who was on my direct team. Here, we know everybody and we’re all friends, so it’s great. I love it.” 

What Tracy Likes About Trucker Tools’ Culture

“Everyone works so closely together that we’re able to maintain a sense of community within the company,” Tracy said. “We have monthly virtual happy hours where we’re able to just chat about life, play games or learn more about each other outside of work. We also have a chat on Slack called #random where you can post birthday messages, photos of your pets or just random questions asking what music everyone is listening to  this week. You get to learn more about people and their likes and interests outside of work, which ties back into the work. You feel more comfortable talking to people and asking them for things once you know them better.”

What Tracy Likes To Do Outside of Work

“I love traveling,” shared Tracy. “I have gone on three skiing trips already this winter, and I have another one next weekend. I like mountains, scuba diving, or really anything with water or any water sports. I like playing social sports. I’m in a kickball league, volleyball league and I play Gaelic football, which is an Irish sport. I want to travel the world. My goal is to travel to every continent except Antarctica at least a couple of times. I’d like to go scuba diving in as many countries as possible, which I’m already in the process of doing. I’ve already gone to the Galapagos and Egypt scuba diving and I’m going to Belize in July, and then the Indonesia in 2023. I like seeing all the cultures out there that you can’t see from home, especially when you go underwater. I wish I could be a mermaid, if they were only real. You can see all these different creatures when you’re scuba diving. People are scared of sharks, but if I don’t see a shark on a dive, I’m mad. I have pet sharks before and I’ve done shark dives. It’s just so cool and you can’t get that from just watching TV. It’s right there in your face and it is awesome. I just love new experiences and seeing the different cultures. Going to Egypt and seeing Luxor was just so awesome and so different. I just have a deep appreciation for seeing new things.”

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