April 18, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Talking Logistics Webinar: The Micro-Carrier Challenge – Building a Reliable, Sustainable Capacity Network; Challenges, Strategies and Best Practices

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Trucker Tools - The Micro-Carrier Challenge

Truckload freight capacity is the most highly fragmented, difficult to manage market segment in the transportation industry.  Some 80 percent of available, over-the-road truckload capacity is provided by hundreds of thousands of single-truck owner-operators and “micro-carriers” with 9 trucks or less.

It’s a market ripe for new digital collaboration technologies – particularly mobile smart-phone based tools and platforms — that can help freight brokers grow by building better, more reliable capacity networks of trusted micro-carriers. More importantly, however, is how these platforms and mobile tools

can also help thousands of small, independent truckers find loads faster, operate more efficiently, develop more trusted, enduring broker relationships — and make the most money on each load.

The stakes for both are high.  It’s a market where the old adage “adapt or die” rings true, from both the scope and speed of new technology being adopted and the ability of brokers and micro-carriers to make the right choices to grow and streamline their business.

What’s the path to success? 

What decisions do brokers and micro-carriers need to consider and act on today – about mobile apps to download, tech platforms, business processes, partners, enabling skills and investments – to ensure they can compete, thrive and prosper?

Standing pat is not an option.

Challenges, strategies and best practices for successful brokers and carriers in managing the capacity game will be tackled in this interactive Talking Logistics podcast featuring:

  • Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools, which operates one of the industry’s fastest-growing, broker-focused platforms for shipment and capacity visibility, predictive freight matching and carrier relationship management, and
  • Geoff Turner, founder and CEO of logistics provider and freight broker Choptank, and a leading proponent and partner for micro-carriers and owner-operators, with over 10,000 micro-carriers in the Choptank network.

Among the questions and subjects to be discussed:

  • Why micro-carriers and owner-operators are the key to the future of truckload freight capacity?
  • What are their major issues, and how can proactive brokers help resolve them and become a preferred broker of choice?
  • How do you stay abreast of emerging technologies, and evaluate their capability to complement and enhance your current operating systems, while improving speed, reliability, and efficiency of communications with your carriers?
  • How do you help your carriers overcome “app overload;” what are the most important features and benefits visibility and load-matching mobile apps should have for owner-operators and small fleets
  • Best practices in encouraging technology adoption among micro-carriers and owner-operators, being easy to do business with, helping them make informed, cost-effective decisions about platforms and apps with which to participate.

Moderated by Adelante SCM President Adrian Gonzalez, learn from this session concrete steps brokers and carriers can take to streamline business operations and develop successful, enduring relationships that maximize revenue and profits, and turn disruptive change to competitive advantage.

Listen to the full recording here:

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