July 13, 2021 | TruckerTools

Top Tips for Increasing Productivity with Trucker Tools/McLeod PowerBroker TMS Integration

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Trucker Tools’ integration partnership with McLeod Software is a powerful one, offering you the opportunity to elevate the productivity and profitability of your business. McLeod Software’s PowerBroker transportation management system is an all in one freight brokerage operations management system and complete accounting software designed to help you manage carrier history, capacity and market pricing in one place. Trucker Tools’ comprehensive digital broker platform includes app-based real-time load tracking, digital freight matching and booking automation tools that help you build a robust capacity network, while meeting the evolving needs of shippers. With the PowerBroker TMS and Trucker Tools’ digital platform integrated together, you gain the ability to increase revenue, grow your business without increasing headcount, and better meet the needs of your shipper and carrier partners. 

Check out these top tips for increasing productivity with the Trucker Tools/McLeod PowerBroker TMS integration.

Reduce Manual Communications with Carriers with Real-Time Technology

The load tracking component of the Trucker Tools digital platform leverages the GPS tech in the trucker’s phone and Trucker Tools’ free mobile app to provide you with real-time visibility data that is updated every five minutes. Trucker Tools’ load tracking reduces or can even eliminate check calls, increasing efficiency for you and your carriers. The digital freight matching and Book-It-Now components of Trucker Tools’ digital platform can reduce or even eliminate your use of load boards, phone calls and emails to find capacity. Instead, carriers and owner operators can communicate with you about your loads using the Trucker Tools app or free carrier platform.

The Trucker Tools/McLeod PowerBroker TMS integration allows internal teams to view Trucker Tools’ real-time load tracking, capacity and Book-It-Now load details in the PowerBroker TMS interface. When internal teams don’t have to open a new software program or web browser to get the information they need, when they don’t need to pick up the phone to track a load or use load boards to cover loads, they work with greater efficiency. These efficiency gains provide new opportunities to move more volume with current shippers or to expand your customer base.

Cover Loads Faster, Automatically Share Digital Visibility Data with Shippers

Locating and securing trucks for your shippers’ loads can be one of the most time-consuming activities in your business. Calling or emailing carriers and/or using load boards to source capacity is labor-intensive. Because these methods of capacity sourcing are manual, they also aren’t real-time, which means by the time you finally reach the carrier, the trucks you were interested in may already be taken by another broker. Using check calls to track loads is woefully inefficient, as well. Like load boards and manual capacity sourcing, check calls aren’t real-time. If you call the dispatcher or driver and there’s no answer, you have to wait for a call back and have zero visibility of the load in the interim. When your load tracking and capacity sourcing processes are manual, your inability to provide your shippers with quick quotes and real-time digital visibility can hurt not only your productivity and that of your shippers — it also can negatively impact your long-term relationships with shippers.

The Trucker Tools/McLeod PowerBroker TMS integration increases the efficiency with which you can cover shippers’ loads and provide them with the real-time load tracking data they need. When a current shipper sends a load your way or when you’re attempting to build a relationship with a new shipper, you can quickly search for capacity from Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching marketplace using the PowerBroker TMS. You have the ability to search by lane, load type, weight, dates and other variables in a matter of seconds. The integration between Trucker Tools and the PowerBroker TMS also allows you to take advantage of Trucker Tools’ integration capabilities with shipper visibility platforms MacroPoint, Project44, 10/4 and FourKites. Thanks to this integration capability, you can automatically share real-time load tracking data with shippers, thereby eliminating any manual data entry or phone calls that you would otherwise need to do to satisfy shippers’ visibility requirements. 

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