December 17, 2019 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools by the Numbers: For Trucking Companies and Owner Operators

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Efficiency is everything in the transportation business, especially for carriers and owner-operators. Time saved on daily tasks can be the difference between a decent year and a fantastic year when it comes to revenue. Check out these five facts about the Trucker Tools driver app that illustrate why so many owner-operators and carriers have incorporated Trucker Tools’ solutions into their operations.

17+ Sought-after Features and Tools

Instead of juggling seven or eight mobile apps while you’re on the road, you can use the Trucker Tools driver app that includes 16 practical features and tools. Our driver app aggregates real-time data so that you have the most up to date and accurate information available delivered right to your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. The driver app provides information on weather, traffic, rest stops, weigh scales, repair shops, truck washes, Walmart locations, parking, nearby medical facilities and more. The app can also be used to help you optimize your driving routes and find available loads.

Find High-Quality Loads with a Few Taps on Your Smart Phone

Trucker Tools’ driver app helps you plan ahead and choose the freight you want when you want it. Tap the “Get Loads” button within the driver app and you’ll see a list of freight and corresponding prices. You can book loads directly in the app, including booking reloads on return trips. No more waiting for callbacks and emails from brokers. With Trucker Tools’ driver app, you can initiate load booking and spend more time driving and increasing your revenue.

Trucker Tools’ Load Matching 60 Percent More Successful for Owner Operators

Recent analysis of our driver app’s load matching function shows that owner-operator users have 60% more success in load matching with our driver app than they do with the general broker market. Instead of playing phone tag with brokers, paying for load board memberships or sifting through dozens of emails, you can use the newly launched Book-It-Now tool within our driver app to find and book loads directly in the app. With the Trucker Tools driver app’s Book-It-Now tool, you can automate the price negotiation and load booking process for greater efficiency, while creating the opportunity for repeat business with preferred brokers.

Close to 800,000 Downloads of the Trucker Tools Driver App

More than 750,000 of your fellow truckers have downloaded Trucker Tools’ driver app. The fact that the Trucker Tools’ driver app is a free, multi-functional tool made with carriers and owner-operators in mind has helped fuel its popularity. In addition to its carrier-centric tools and features, the driver app notably provides automated, highly accurate GPS-enabled freight visibility that your broker and 3PL partners will appreciate. The Trucker Tools driver app also won’t slow down your phone. It requires fewer data to open and use our driver app than it does to open and use Facebook’s mobile app.

The Cost of Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Zero

Trucker Tools was founded to help small trucking companies and owner-operators operate more efficiently. That’s why the driver app can be downloaded and used free of charge. Trucker Tools’ driver app leverages the power of API-based technology and puts it in the hands of owner-operators and small carriers like you so that you can better run your businesses.

Download Trucker Tools’ free driver app, including its newly launched Book-It-Now and Detention Alerts tools.

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